If you’re not part of the inner workings of the fashion or garment industries, you might not realize Sewing Machine Day existed and impacts more people than just those in the industry. Are you aware of what this invention entailed?


Yay! It's Sewing Machine Day!


The Invention That Impacted Households

Way beyond the fashion industry, in homes all across the country, the invention of sewing machines impacted countless households. Those who could afford a sewing machine had the ability to make clothing and other household necessities for their families.

The first American sewing machine was designed by Elias Howe back in 1844 and was patented about a year later. The first machines were treadle sewing machines, operated by pumping a pedal with your foot.

In addition to making items for their families, women were afforded a means of making money without leaving home with the invention of the sewing machine. Elias Howe was deemed a genius in homes across the U.S.

Don’t you imagine women who learned to use these first sewing machines wished they had a maid service they could call in to do their daily chores? Yes, they had a wonderful new invention with which to clothe their families, but they also found themselves with more work to do on a regular basis.


Impacting the Industrial Revolution

A few others invented sewing machines in other parts of the world—Englishman Thomas Saint is acknowledged for the first sewing machine outside of the U.S., having invented his back in 1790. This means Sewing Machine Day is celebrated not just in the states, but around the world, too.

All these inventors made big marks on the first Industrial Revolution in the U.S. Suddenly manual sewing in garment factories was replaced by sewing machines.


This means Sewing Machine Day is celebrated not just in the states


Sewing Machines and Cotton Farmers

Long before fabrics were imported on a regular basis, home seamstresses and garment factories suddenly needed a lot of fabric to make their clothing. This meant a new high demand was placed on the shoulders of cotton farmers.

An increase in cotton production was needed to meet the needs of those with sewing machines—especially in the factories. This meant farmers planted larger cotton crops. Many farmers planted cotton in places it had never been farmed before.


Today’s Sewing Machines

Certainly today’s sewing machines are a far cry from those invented in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Sleeker and faster, modern sewing machines do more than sew. They make buttonholes, embroider fine stitches, and allow seamstresses and hobbyists to create a wealth of beautiful home items and articles of clothing.

In essence, sewing machines have had an impact on the home cleaning industry, too. Those who spend their days sewing—whether in their own homes or in businesses—often hire maid services to tend to their household cleaning needs. There is good money made in the sewing industry—even on a small-scale home business level, meaning money is readily available for a maid service and a plethora of other necessities as well.


How is Sewing Machine Day Celebrated?

Let’s face it. You’re not going to find a card in your local Hallmark store wishing everyone a happy Sewing Machine Day. It’s simply not that kind of holiday.

Sewing Machine Day is likely celebrated—or at least acknowledged—in businesses that sell sewing machines. Antiques shops and sewing websites no doubt make mention of this celebration, possibly promoting a sale.

Sewing Machine Day is surely recognized in both the fashion and the garment industries. After all, without sewing machines, these people’s jobs would likely be non-existent.


Treat Yourself

Even though you can’t buy a card or a banner specially made for Sewing Machine Day, home and outside business purveyors of machine-sewn goods can treat themselves to something special. You might consider a manicure and paraffin wax dip for hard working hands. Even though the machines do the sewing, your hands run the machine—sometimes for long hours.

Hiring a maid service to take care of household chores in the perfect way to celebrate Sewing Machine Day. Your load will be lightened as they clean your home until it sparkles giving you more time to sew.