We here at Maids by Trade salute the working mom. We know it takes hard work and a lot more to balance the two sides of your lives. A little help doesn’t hurt either. We’d like to offer our cleaning tips built especially for the busy working mom. These house cleaning tips could truly save you time and effort, so you can put more energy into all the other things that really matter.


Cleaning Tips for the Working Mom


Remove or replace trash items as you’re moving around

Perhaps you’re the type of working mom who already reserves specific house cleaning days, and you look forward to reading online tips. Maybe you’re newer to certain house cleaning duties? You may need a few extra tips to save hours of work as a working mom.

One of the fastest ways to cut down on cleaning time is by picking up trash items as you’re working around the house. This could be old papers and magazines, envelopes and scraps of paper, plastic items, garbage bags and dishes. If you see something that belongs in a different room that you’re heading to, grab it with a free hand and bring it back to its home.


Collect your mail and bills and gradually move them into one room until you organize them

A collection of house cleaning tips for working moms is incomplete unless it mentions organizing bills and physical mail. Every home receives mail, and moms likely know best how quickly it can get scattered throughout the house and lost forever. As a working mom taking care of house cleaning, grab wayward mail and papers as you move throughout the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Designate a specific and prominent place in the house for everyone to check their mail. You can purchase a home mail organizer for $20-$30. This house cleaning tip for working moms can save real frustration further down the road.


Don’t wait until you’re too exhausted

The largest culprit that affects house cleaning tips for working moms is the excuse of being overly tired. You get home from a busy week and want to drop onto the couch for a while. You may have wrapped up an exciting but draining weekend and the last thing you want to do is work on cleaning your house.

We completely understand this. In order to fight this excuse, pick two pockets of time per week when you know for a fact you won’t be too tired, and commit to getting a few critical cleaning tasks accomplished. This must be written down, or you will be far more prone to forget or excuse it. You will feel amazing and the more you do this, the more it will become a second-nature pattern.


Put things on a schedule and stick to it – baby steps are the way to go

Your best friend can also be your worst enemy – time, and how you invest it. Working moms need house cleaning tips that will help them get their time back, not the reverse. Step one in earning great amounts of time back is getting a large calendar, writing down the most important things and then sticking to it.


More help for the working mom

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