As a busy mom, you’re always feeling starved for time and depleted on energy. The days seem to blur together and you occasionally wonder when you’ll have some time to yourself. Motherhood is a joy, but without keeping life’s crazy tendencies in check, it can drain you. Truly easy house cleaning tips for busy moms can be difficult to come by, but look no further because we’ve compiled four of our best easy house cleaning tips for busy moms below.


Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms


1 – Keeping a bucket of cleaning materials

Nothing primes you for successful house cleaning like building the habit of preparation. Having all of your materials in place before you actually start cleaning can save you 30 minutes or more once you begin the tasks. Discovering later on that you’re missing a vital piece of cleaning equipment is the bane of easy house cleaning for busy moms. For recommendations on what to include in your bucket of materials, check out our convenient list of Cleaning Tips and the corresponding equipment.


2 – Prioritize your schedule

Speaking of preparation, easy house cleaning for busy moms is made even easier by prioritizing your schedule. Dragging your feet from room to room, trying to figure out what’s important enough to clean will make your house cleaning efforts take hours. Establish which rooms in your home get cluttered the fastest and set up a new system for where items like physical mail, dirty clothes and backpacks will go. This technique instantly clarifies which rooms need heavy duty cleaning as soon as possible.

Prioritize your schedule, but more importantly, take advantage of these cleaning tips for busy moms. The children may treat their own rooms like a battleground, hardly picking anything up unless it obstructs movement. Speaking of your children…


3 – Provide rewards for your kids when they help out

Many hands make light work, and getting the kiddos involved whenever possible automatically makes house cleaning feel less like drudgery. Perhaps they’ll even dig up a few long-lost toys or find the outfit that had disappeared for weeks! Easy house cleaning for busy moms is about leveraging your time, and this is a perfect example to put into practice. For even more time leverage tips, read our post on house cleaning tips for busy, stay-at-home moms.


4 – Simplify

The simplification of your tasks, how you do them and who you do them with is another vital tip for busy moms to succeed at easy house cleaning. It is easy to get wrapped up in anxiety thinking about all the house cleaning that needs to be finished. This can paralyze you before you’ve even started. Address the cleaning issues that you can pull off with ease, but leave the heavy lifting (both literally and metaphorically) to a qualified, experienced team of cleaners.


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