How to Determine What Maid Service is Right for You

You have dozens of options when it comes to house cleaning. You can do it yourself, but that takes many more hours than you would like and you are usually spent at the end of the day. You can ask family or friends to help you out, but this might not get you the results you need either. Utilizing the numerous benefits of a maid service is a fantastic option. Here are some tips on how to determine what maid service is right for you.

How to Determine What Maid Service is Right for You

Look for a company that puts your needs first

The first thing to look for a maid service is to make sure they put your needs first. You do not want to pick a service that has a strict set of “cleaning lists” they handle and nothing else. A quality cleaning service like Maids by Trade will place high emphasis on client care and customizable options.

See what types of cleaning they offer, and with what types of products

Naturally, one of the next aspects to determine about a maid service is the types of cleaning they offer. You may find cleaners that only do kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, but you might want your living room done. Make sure the cleaning service you are considering is willing to clean other areas of the house, if that is what you need.

Also, take a look at what kinds of cleaning products a maid service uses. A quality service will be proud about the cleaning products they use and make it known on their site. You definitely do not want a maid service that uses abrasive or ineffective cleaning products. Check out Maids by Trade’s EcoPink™ System to view what products will be used in your home.

Look for a maid service with an established reputation

One of the most essential factors to look for in a maid service is that their reputation is one of excellence. Any service you select should have a website that includes reviews. Without reviews, it will be difficult to determine whether or not a given service has completed quality work for a number of other people.

Look for a majority of high reviews. It is not worth wasting time or spending money on a low quality maid service.

Make sure they employ insured and bonded workers

Another critical but often-ignored aspect of a maid service is whether or not they employ bonded and insured workers. Select a service that employs, rather than subcontracts. This means you will have genuine company workers cleaning your house, earning a fair paycheck, instead of supporting a deceitful business.

Checking that the maid service has insured and bonded workers shows that a company cares about treating their customers well. A maid service that uses liability insurance and worker’s compensation does so for the protection and benefit of the customer.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Keep in mind that you want a maid service that will clean your house efficiently during the first go-around. A service that moves through rooms quickly without actually removing dirt and grime is not a maid service you want. Usually, you will be able to tell the quality of a service by their price. Read this page about quality vs quantity in house cleaning.

An excellent maid company will not attempt a low-ball offer, because the value they provide through their experience and work ethic is indicated by their price. Still looking for more tips? Here are 5 Things to Remember When Choosing House Cleaners in Portland.

These criteria should help you narrow down your search for a worthwhile maid service. While you are at it, consider requesting a quote from us and looking at our menu of services. We would love to hear more about how you need your house cleaned!