Looking for house cleaners Portland? We’re a city on the go and many of us don’t have time to tidy up. If that’s the case with you, hiring a professional house cleaner can get your house in order quickly – but only if you choose well.


5 Things to Remember When Choosing House Cleaners in Portland


The people you invite into your home need to have a lot to justify your trust. Here are five things to look for:


1 Think Safety First

Don’t hire from anonymous ads! Finding house cleaners from posted signs or Craigslist is a risky idea. The most likely scenario is they steal something with their almost carte blanche access to your home. Because you know little to nothing about them, the stolen items are likely gone for good. Less likely but still possible are threats to your personal safety. We’ll say it again: don’t hire from anonymous ads!


2 Always Protect Your Home

As well as protecting your valuables and personal safety, you want to be assured that your home itself will be protected. If a house cleaner uses the wrong chemical and damages your carpeting, drapes or hardwood floors, who will pay to repair or replace it? If your house cleaner is a bonded and insured professional, their professional liability coverage will take care of the costs of restoring it. If you have hired an individual that’s not insured, likely you will be stuck with the bill and you’ll never hear from them again. Always look for a professional that is bonded and insured!


3 Know What You’re Getting

In years past, when you hired a cleaning service professional you were flying blind, but now thanks to the prevalence of review websites, you can see which companies are beloved by their customers. Look to independent consumer-driven websites like Yelp and Angie’s List. (Yelp is free, but Angie’s List requires a small monthly membership fee to access their verified reviews.) Check out these sites and look for house cleaning services that are highly rated. Also check their company website for reviews. Only hire a well-reviewed company!


4 Keep it Green

Cleaning products can contain some of the most toxic and harmful substances. You don’t want to have to breathe in chemical fumes and expose yourself to health risks. Look for a company that uses the EcoPink™ System, green cleaning products, and is eco-conscious. You don’t want a cleaning service that uses a tree’s worth of paper towels each time they clean your home. Check the house cleaner’s website to make sure they are green!


5 Get a Guarantee

Anytime you deal with a personal service provider, there is a potential for a mistake to be made. What’s important is to hire a company that guarantees their work and offers excellent customer service. If something is overlooked or doesn’t go quite the way you want, you should be able to call and get prompt acknowledgment of your complaint, an apology, and an offer to make things right immediately. Nothing is more frustrating than paying for something and getting less than you expected. Only hire a company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


So do you need house cleaners Portland?

Contact Maids by Trade today for an in-home consultation on a customized cleaning plan for your home. We are highly rated, use certified green cleaning supplies, we are bonded and insured, and offer a 100% guarantee. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or regular maid service, we can help. Anywhere in the Portland-Vancouver area – any time you need us – call now!