Hiring a house cleaning service for your home can change the entire atmosphere of your house. If you are satisfied with the results of service and want to express your appreciation with one more step, here are three ways to do so.


3 Ways to Show Appreciation for House Cleaners


House Cleaner Appreciation


1 – Leave a tip

When at a restaurant or taking a cab, most people would follow the long-standing custom of tipping their waiter or driver. However, a collection of other public and private roles such as barbers, maids and house cleaners are not tipped as often for their service. New courtesies are starting to form, and these types of primarily physical jobs are being given more consideration.

House cleaning, while not the most demanding or backbreaking work, is still labor-intensive, and does not always come with appreciation being expressed. House cleaners are not always viewed or treated with respect by every customer, so a couple dollars per worker goes a long way and will be appreciated more than you know.

Tips are one of the simplest yet most powerful ways that a customer can show appreciation for the service they received. A tip does not have to be large in order to deliver a strong message. It remains one of the least considered actions to take for the house cleaning industry, but this could soon change based on trends within tipping.


2 – Deal in courtesy and respect

Even though house cleaning takes a bit of preparation on the part of the homeowner before work can begin, both you and the cleaners will have a smoother experience if there is mutual respect at every turn. Clear communication from the owner of the house will allow the cleaners to perform their duties in the quickest and most efficient manner, resulting in a more successful completion.

It is to both the homeowner’s and the cleaners’ benefit to remain effectively communicative during a project. Many customers of home cleaning services have a bi-weekly service, so proper communication early on assists the cleaners for future work in your home. This is especially effective if the cleaning is usually done when you are away from home, enabling the cleaners to spend less time on gathering details about the work and spending more time getting the work done.


3 – Call staff members by name

In certain instances of house cleaning, the job may be so brief that there are not as many moments to use the names of your cleaners, or you may not be at home while they are working. In the event that you are at home while your house is being cleaned, and the project is more extensive, calling staff by name is appreciated by everyone. This is sure to give both you and the cleaners a more stress-free time, and they are likely to return the favor.

Using names also helps the environment at home to be less formal or cold, and more friendly and inviting. A professional attitude can still be maintained between the cleaners and the homeowner even with the atmosphere of the work being conducted more warmly. Certainly the interactions surrounding house cleaning services have the potential to be brief and uninteresting, but a few small steps in the direction of adding a personal touch to your experience can change your entire outlook on the service.

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