How to Establish a Long-Lasting Service Relationship with Your Cleaners

Manual labor and contracted jobs are usually pretty cut-and-dry. The work is performed, payment is made, and people go their separate ways. However, in some cases there is a better fit than usual. Feeling more comfortable with a company is especially important when their work site is in your home, occurs regularly, or both (as in the case of house cleaners). If you find a company is unusually attentive and delivers above-average service, don’t let them go! Here are 4 ways to establish a long-lasting service relationship with your provider.


How to Establish a Long-Lasting Service Relationship with Your Cleaners



A fantastic place to start is one that everyone is familiar with – dealing in kindness and respect. Even people who are having the greatest of days are interested in experiencing more respect and kindness. This might even be you! If this is the case, share your appreciation with your house cleaning service. It almost goes without saying that they will return the favor!



One of the most important aspects a business is always looking for more of is feedback. True professionals accept both positive and negative comments, understanding that they cannot improve their product or service through only compliments.

Let your house cleaning service know what your thoughts and feelings are, what you most appreciated, and anything they could do better. They will listen to your feedback and thank you for your honesty. They’ll especially love if you deliver that feedback via…


Online Reviews

We live in a digital world, which naturally means there’s a digital economy. Consumers now check online reviews before deciding on where to eat, to shop, who can work on their car, or who can clean their house. Any cleaning service worth its salt understands the power and necessity of generating positive online reviews. So if you want to have a long-lasting service relationship with an excellent company, make sure they stick around by letting the world know they’re great with a positive online review.

Naturally, not every review will be glowing. If you feel that your service provider can still improve their performance, let them know. Give them a chance to impress you. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to better themselves.



Tipping a service provider is not exclusive to the food industry. A hard day navigating through traffic, finding directions, and putting up with challenges on the road can be exhausting. Additionally, cleaners sometimes have to postpone their breaks or lunch time to make sure they’re on time to jobs and their work represents the company appropriately. It can be rewarding when a client notices hard work and effort by including a tip. Remember, the service industry is not highly compensated and if your team is delivering top-notch work, perhaps it’s time to show a little appreciation.


Include a gift, if you’re feeling inclined

Some clients like to go above and beyond, or they simply have a generous, giving spirit. If this is you and you want to give a token of appreciation to your house cleaning service, this is perfectly okay and will be enthusiastically received. Sharing a gift of some kind with your house cleaning team is sure to put smiles on their faces for days to come. If you need some more inspiration, here are 3 ways to show appreciation for house cleaners.

These types of gestures are not expected or required, but they go a long way in establishing a long lasting relationship with your house cleaning service. It is simply a fact that these things do not happen often. As previously mentioned, while none of these are requirements for a house cleaning service’s great work, you can stand out from the crowd by taking even one of these actions.


A Mutually-Beneficial Service Relationship with Maids by Trade

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