“They cleaned…” A simple review, yet full of essence – right to the point. This great review was posted by Sandra L., a client not only new to Maids by Trade, but new to professional house cleaning services altogether. We were very thankful and happy to hear about their first impression of the service.


They cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. House cleaning review form Maids by Trade.


Maids by Trade avatarWe are so grateful that you took the time to share your positive experience with us. We appreciate the chance to provide a great example for the cleaning standard that our team members should strive for.

The team was overjoyed to hear your positive comments; in specific your comment: “they cleaned and cleaned and cleaned”.  Feedback like yours is such a great way to keep our cleaning teams motivated and let them know that their hard work is not being unnoticed. They are pleased to continue working with you on the upcoming cleanings.

Maids by Trade takes this opportunity to highlight a few aspects of hiring a house cleaning service for first time clients. We have some publications that help the process go smoother. We’d like to invite you to explore our new website which contains hundreds of new publications, including:

Cleaned surfaces and kept business relationships

It is our hope that our teams and clients will always enjoy their time working together, and we believe that good, consistent communication is a key way of achieving that. A good attestment to that is that fact that to this day we still provide house cleaning services to the company’s very first client since November of 1997. Thank you Sandra for reminding us of that! It is so exciting to know that we get to continue working with you, and hope that we do for a long time.

We are sincerely thankful that you took the time to publish your review.

The Maids by Trade Family!


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