Being stressed isn’t a joke! It’s an actual thing that manifests itself both physically and emotionally. Have you ever felt drained, exhausted, and ready for a break after a long week at the office? This was probably due to being stressed!


ow Being Stressed Affects Your Housecleaning Abilities


Unfortunately, it isn’t just work related. Stress can make our relationships, interactions with others, and even our body’s chemistry act up, so it’s no wonder it can affect work at home too. That doesn’t mean you can just put everything on hold, though. If you feel yourself stressing out, remember that it can affect your cleaning abilities in countless ways:


Being Stressed Leads to Lack of Attention to Detail

If being stressed is causing you problems, you may notice that it’s harder than usual to focus on the task at hand. If you are doing something that requires attention to detail, this is especially true. Since cleaning projects often require special items, like sponges or safe cleaners, take the extra time to read instructions. Brush up on the job that you are preparing to perform. If you do your research and follow instructions, things should go smoothly, even if you are under duress. We recommend Stress-Free Housecleaning Done Right!


Tasks Take Longer to Complete

When we are stressed, we also tend to slow down. When your mind is running a million different places at once, it can be next to impossible to get from point A to point B. While you might have a to-do list that’s ten items deep, it’s important to focus on just one task at a time. Anxiety, stress, and pressure are draining and all-consuming. Slow does not translate to failure. Be patient with yourself.


Stressed Affects Tasks and Take Longer to Complete


Using Incorrect Cleaning Items

If you are stressed and anxious, getting things done isn’t easy and can lead to confusion. Does the project you’re undertaking require different products like safe cleaners or multiple steps? If so, pay attention to what you are doing, and take things one step at a time.

Stressful emotions can lead to you putting bleach on the carpet or bug spray in the swimming pool. While these examples are extreme, you get the idea. If you aren’t feeling clear headed, it’s probably best to just take the day off.


Injuries Become More Prevalent

It probably goes without saying, but when you’re working in a stressful environment, accidents and injuries are more prone to happen. Running around your home trying to prepare for guests might even lead to a sprained ankle or busted lip.

Rather than getting stressed out, take a few moments to breathe deeply and focus. No amount of cleanliness is worth getting hurt over. In addition, if you’re feeling under pressure, opt for safe cleaners instead of something that’s over-the-counter. This way, even if you make a mistake nobody is put at risk be it kids or pets.

Stress is quite the foe and can affect your cleaning abilities in a number of ways. By keeping these things in mind (and opting for safe cleaners) you’ll be able to achieve your cleaning goals while keeping a level head. Good luck!