It’s an easy process setting up a cleaning with Maids by Trade. This review from our client Carl S. not only talks about the quality of the cleaning crew, but also the service he received from our efficient office staff.

Setting up a house cleaning appointment was easy


Maids by Trade avatarThank you, Carl, for letting us know about your experience with Maids by Trade. We pride ourselves on our ability to organize the logistics of cleaning hundreds of homes while ensuring everyone’s scheduling experience goes smoothly.

We are also proud of the fact the cleaning itself exceeded Carl’s expectations. The cleaning crew was pleased to hear that their attention to detail improved his experience with our company and increased his comfort in his new home. Feedback like that means a lot.

Every Detail Matters

Paying attention to the small (and not-so-small) details is what sets Maids by Trade apart. We think one of the most important things a service provider can do is show up when they say they will. However, sometimes a team might run behind on a appointment due to traffic or a previous job taking a bit longer. We make every attempt to be on time, but we do not rush, neither when it comes to traffic or cleaning. We want our teams to stay safe while driving and we do not compromise when it comes to standards and quality of service. If we must arrive outside the expected time window, we will always notify the client of the delay in advance, and we will do our best to ensure the client is satisfied.

We would like to thank you again, Carl, for finding the time to provide us with feedback on your first appointment with us. We really appreciate it and look forward to working with you!

-The Maids by Trade Family!



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