Your home is a mess and you just want it to look and feel clean again. But it’s always a mess. You know that unless something about your free time or motivation changes, it’s just not getting done. The best option then becomes having someone else clean for you. You shouldn’t choose just anyone though. You should choose a team of professionals that are efficient, use eco-friendly products, and who care about attention to detail and doing good work for its own sake.


House Cleaners Who Care About Attention to Detail


High Traffic Areas

These are open areas in your home, clearly visible to everyone:

  • Your front door
  • Your bathroom
  • Your kitchen
  • Your hallways

A mess in high traffic areas is likely to occur and be obvious to visitors. You can  sweep and wipe down surfaces, but everyday messes take their toll. Eventually surface cleaning isn’t enough. The underlying layer of grime needs to go. Your high traffic areas need a deep cleaning.


Health Of Your Household

Cleaning green helps more than just the environment; it helps the health of your household. You can avoid toxic chemicals, but you still need effective cleaning products that get the job done. You need to be 100% certain that germs and bacteria are gone.

With a reputable maid service, household safe cleaning products are included.

Make sure to ask potential home cleaning services for product details. You should expect high cleaning standards that include:

Look for an eco-friendly business that puts your family first.


Your Home Deserves Our Attention to Detail

With our service, your home can be the cleanest you’ve ever seen it. You can call us in to do touch-ups, deep cleaning, or have recurring service weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Give us a call (use our Location Finder to find the number of your nearest office) or easily request your cleaning estimate.

Maids by Trade is a local house cleaning service with almost 20 years of experience. Our professional maids use eco-friendly products and put your household first. We offer flexible cleaning options to fit your home and your schedule.