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Maid by Trade is always on time, dependable, and trustworthy. The are friendly and nice, too. Both my mom and I use their services. I definitely recommend them.
Jennifer Rueda
Jennifer R.
These ladies are very efficient and thorough. They get my house spotless in their allotted time. I feel spoiled!💕
Paula Bisenius
Paula B.
I've never had my house cleaned before, but decided to try it for my birthday. I am SO thrilled with how my house looks!!! The whole process, from getting a quote to coming home to a spotless house, was quick, professional, easy, and everyone is so friendly. Great work, very fairly priced. You just gained a loyal customer!
Tina Kennedy
Tina K.
I recommend Maids by Trade very highly. They are cheerful, efficient, and thorough. I'm so happy with the service they provide and the job they do.
Claire Carter
Claire C.
Maids by Trade has been cleaning our home for a year now, and I could not be happier with their service. Our team (Team 10!!) is the best. They are cheerful and completely professional - but even more importantly, they are kind and sweet with my baby and always accommodate her nap schedule, working in other parts of the house or being extra quiet when she's sleeping. The team is very considerate about our space, and I look forward to their visits. I totally trust them. Maids by Trade has great customer service as well and I tell all my friends to use them!
Adriana Durham
Adriana D.
I really feel happy about my choice in home cleaning companies with Maids By Trade. The client experience feels like you are the guest being welcomed into the Maids By Trade extended family every time our cleaning personnel come to our home. Diego and Rita, Irma and Rocio; deep cleanings with remarkable efficiency, all showing great care and attention to detail In their work. They've become welcome members of our household from their weekly visits. We have been customers for 2 or 3 years and counting, and when we moved last year, we brought them with us to our new home without question.
Michael Connor
Michael C.
I am happy to share about my experience with Maids by Trade.I procrastinated, and TWO DAYS BEFORE my holiday guests arrived, I decided that my teens and I were not going to do a marathon fight to get the house clean. I submitted my information online and it was very easy and they responded immediately. This process deserves 6 stars, in and of itself. They offered to arrive at 8:30 AM. Normally that would be a good thing. In our case, we were still "picking up" (aka throwing things into closets so they could clean!). So they gave me a later arrival time window which worked out perfectly. I observed them while cleaning. Even the laundry room got the same attention that the living room got. Every blessed knick knack was picked up, dusted, and dusted around-- even in my son's room, to his shock. Our large bathrooms were sparkling. The towels were folded prettily -- several nice touches. We were all extremely happy.My family also said they couldn't believe how much better our house looked, and suggested these folks need to come back every month. So, we're winning! I wish I can get my house the way they clean it. I guess I’ll just leave it to them.
Daniel Veleta
Daniel V.
This company excels in customer service and quality work.
Pepe Ponce
Pepe P.

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Stephanie Bertoli
Stephanie Bertoli
Veronica, Karla M and Flena did a spectacular job doing a move out clean for me. My apartment was NASTY and they left it spotless. I do wish that fridge and oven cleaning were included in the basic move out package, but I wasn't upset to do those myself. Thank you so much for the fantastic work and excellent customer service from Ana. I will absolutely book this company in the future of I ever need cleaners more
Oliver McGrath
Oliver McGrath
Maids by Trade was a complete pleasure to deal with. I needed to arrange for housecleaning services for someone who was ill; they did everything possible to accomodate schedules and have the same people come so that the learning curve was minimized. The cleaning job was first-rate based on the feedback I got every week. Maids by Trade answers email promptly and bills correctly. So was it somewhat expensive? Yes, but I had full piece of mind knowing that I didn't need to worry in the slightest that they would do a thorough job. Nor did I need to worry about the safety of having brought them into someone else's more
Connor Warren
Connor Warren
I've been planning to call a maid service since September but it's very difficult to trust people nowadays. I don't just let anyone to come to my house. Fortunately, my mother is their regular customer and she knows I'm busy so she sent the same service to me. All I can say is great job! They work fast and the service fee is just right. Maids by Trade is best company in our city!read more
Alison Wright
Alison Wright
Stuff was the best! They arrived on time, were so so professional and polite, asked me what I needed done and did exactly what I had asked them. They worked quietly and efficiently.I am very happy with my experience with Maids by Trade and reach out to them for their services again in the more
Ruth Scott
Ruth Scott
This company does an awesome job. They were on time, the maids were very professional and open to my input and they did a great job cleaning every room in my house. I was impressed with their attention to detail. I think the price was very reasonable and looking forward to their visits every two more
Caroline Sutherland
Caroline Sutherland
We have been using Maids by Trade for over a year now. Their cleaners are all extremely good. We really love that each time he comes she does a fantastic and thorough job of cleaning our apartment leaving it looking bright and spotlessly clean. Thank you so much Maids by Trade cleaners!read more

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