We appreciate our client Gavin who left us a review on Yelp. He chose us because we are an eco-friendly company and care about pet safety, but he was impressed by so many other aspects of our service as well.


      House cleaning review by Gavin


Maids by Trade avatarThe team was happy to come out to your home and clean. Maids by Trade employees are genuinely friendly, and we are happy you noticed that too. While cleaning the team will always put knickknacks back where they go because we know it is important to the client to have everything in its place. We pride ourselves on using green cleaning products, because we don’t want those toxic chemicals around your family and pets. We make it our mission to make sure your family is safe, and you will never have to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals.

The team members always appreciate the feedback. Its always good when the hard work our teams provide is noticed and appreciated. We are genuinely happy the only problem you have now is “where to put your dirty self”


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