This is a review found on Yelp, posted by client of ours named Rhiannon. This is what she had to say about her first experience with a professional cleaning company:

House cleaning review by Rhiannon

Maids by Trade avatarIt was our privilege to be the first to provide you with professional house cleaning service! From our experience, we have learned that one of the ways to best serve our clients interests is by keeping our lines of communication open, so that service is straightforward, transparent, and timely. It is awesome to know that our hard work is being noticed and appreciated!

We are so thankful that you chose Maids by Trade to assist you in your first professional house cleaning experience! We are immensely proud that we were able to set a high bar for house cleaning companies for you. We relayed your comments to Maria and Jesus, and they were very excited to hear about your enthusiasm toward your first cleaning! Thank you for taking the time to relay your experience to us!

We understand that in life sometimes things come up and we simply don’t get the chance to ‘tidy up’ as we would like. We appreciate your consideration and we are overjoyed that we were able to accommodate your schedule! It was wonderful to get the opportunity to work with you!

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this experience with you! We hope to get another chance to work with you in the future!

The Maids by Trade Family!