It’s a well-known fact that spring is the peak season for those looking to buy and sell homes. If you have a home for sale during this time, there will be a lot of competition. This is especially true if you have a Portland home for sale as our region is experiencing unprecedented growth. In this hectic market, you need to make sure your home is the absolute best it can be. Here are three things you absolutely must do to get your home sold in a timely manner.

preparing your portland home for sale



Homebuyers are in the market for a fresh start, so give them one! You must clear away all clutter because, aside from the fact that it just doesn’t look good, it will distract buyers. Your home should be a clutter-free stage for a buyer’s imagination.

The de-cluttering process includes the outside of your home as well. Curbside appeal cannot be underestimated. The walk up to your home is the buyer’s first impression, so it should dazzle them. Make sure the lawn is mowed regularly, give the mailbox a fresh coat of paint, put the flower beds in good order, and ensure the porch and yard are both inviting and clutter-free.

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Buyers need to imagine their life in the home, not yours. Remove as many personal effects from sight as possible: papers, trophies, family pictures, etc.

You also need to make sure your home is neutral when it comes to decor, too. You don’t want anything that’s too extreme or that’s very taste-specific and liked by only a small number of people, like dark purple walls or unusual cabinet fixtures. You need to appeal to the masses. It’s hard to be objective about your own home, so get multiple people’s opinions about what’s okay or what should be toned down. It may be no fun having a beige living room for a few weeks, but it will help you sell.



The first thing people will notice when they walk inside your home is if there’s a smell. Whether it’s a bad one or a “good” one (like air freshener, which will just be a signal you’re covering up something), a strong smell is an immediate turn off.

This is especially important when it comes to pets. You may love your dog, but that doesn’t mean other people will. Do everything you can to remove animal odor and other signs of furry friends from your home. A whiff of wet dog or a sighting of a clump of hair could associate your home with animal dirtiness in a buyer’s mind. Check out our tips on how to clean up after pets.


Preparing Your Home for Sale

With your home in good shape, a crack broker, and the right offer, your home will get whisked off the market in no time. These are just the fundamental things you should do to help others imagine themselves in the house. There are lots of other ways to help inspire buyers. Use this checklist to prepare your home for sale.

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