So you’ve made the decision of selling your house. Take your time to assess your priorities to better the outcome of selling your home. This isn’t the best time for a new roof or a bathroom remodel; these types of improvements add value, but not big enough to justify the effort and time they require. The best approach to selling your house efficiently is to focus on minor repairs and cosmetic aspects of your home; from exterior painting, your garden, polishing floors and others. Always get quotes and make sure you don’t exceed your budget. In some cases staging your home might increase possibilities of selling your home.


Prepping Your Home to Sell — Checklist Included


Here are a few proven, cost-effective tips that will help your home look its best:


Fixing up the exterior

—    Mowing, raking and trimming the lawn can drastically improve the appearance of your property

—    Hedging, weeding and edging your garden will help potential buyers understand how much you care for your home. They would want to buy a home that is well taken care of.

—    Clean sidewalks and driveway. Your home needs to look clean 24/7; the right buyer might drive by at any time

—    Clean and repair damaged gutters, touch up visible paint flaws

—    Plant some colorful flowers, or place potted plants beside your front door. Get plants or herbs that release scents. Is not enough to look good, it needs to smell good too.

—    Cleaning or painting the front door will make your home look great

—    Polish front door hardware, ensure doorbell works. First impression matter; replace damaged locks and rusted hardware.


Fixing up the interior

—    Clean and tidy up entrance, clear stairs and halls, store or get rid of all excess furniture

—    Brighten rooms by installing better light bulbs and turn them on before potential buyers walk in

—    Shampoo carpets, clean and wax floors. Remove excess of area rugs

—    Deep clean your kitchen countertops, cabinets, appliances, washer and dryer

—    Prioritize in organizing and cleaning out closets to make them look larger

—    Clean and freshen bathrooms, put out clean towels, minimize clutter.

—    Organize and clean garage and basement. This is the perfect time to get rid of stuff and a yard sale can help you recover some of the cost of selling and moving to a new home.

—    Perform necessary minor repairs and touch-up to walls, windows, fixtures, etc.

—    Everyone likes flowers! Get a small flower arrangement and place it near the front door, so potential buyers will see it as they enter your home.


Keep your home clean

Have a cleaning service detail your home. A deep cleaning and regular maintenance will increase the odds of selling your home. Realtors recommend a deep cleaning two or three days before putting your house on the market. Keep the cleaning service on a weekly schedule until your house sells.