Are you prepared for one of the biggest changes of your life? Moving is no small chore, whether it’s across town or across the world. There are so many tasks to take care of (small, large, some frankly mind-boggling) that it is easy for some of your favorite keepsakes to get caught up and lost in the rush. The key is keeping your cool. A professional move out cleaning is perfect for helping get everything organized and ready to go. Keep these 4 easy tips in mind for streamlining your professional move out cleaning and you’ll be off to your new life in no time!


4 Ways to Prepare for a Professional Move Out Cleaning


1. Get rid of the things you don’t need before your move out cleaning

  • Keepsakes. Some things you want to hold onto for the rest of your life, whether they’re in storage to recapture later, on your nightstand or in your pockets at all times. Books, seashell or a gifted necklace deserve a spot in your new home too. Put them aside to stay safe during your move out cleaning.
  • For Sale. Appliances, furniture, electronics and you old forgotten (meticulously constructed) model collection belong here. Offer items you’ll no longer need to friends and family first, then hold a garage sale or post online advertisements for anything left over before your move out cleaning.
  • Donations. Your old clothes, non-expired food and anything that didn’t sell are great for donations. Your favorite charity will be happy to repurpose your contributions to make new niches in other lucky recipient’s routines.

Get all this sorting done before calling your local maid service to get the most out of your move out cleaning.


2. Get an in-home estimate for your move out cleaning

Now that you’ve gotten all of the hard work out of the way, contact local house cleaning services to get in-home estimates on the price of scrubbing and polishing all these hidden walls and floors you just got reacquainted with. It’s worth the extra effort to compare a few different services. Check out reviews, service menus, and availability. Be confident that your move out cleaning will be managed by experienced, professional hands.


3. A clean house doesn’t always guarantee a full refund on deposit

Some things can’t be fixed. No matter the quality of your move out cleaning, if you’ve had just a little too much fun in your home or loft, not every cent of your deposit will necessarily find its way back to your pockets. Or, perhaps you’ve tirelessly dealt with any and every mishap to mark the rich historical tapestry of your castle. Whatever the case, fear not. A clean home shows you care and is invaluable to your landlord for renting out the space to another tenant. A move out cleaning won’t go unnoticed.


4. Enjoy your new life!

Once you’ve finally tackled all the chores of moving your entire life to a new locale, take a moment to relish the feeling. This is your accomplishment. Put the sorting, selling and move out cleaning behind you. Run; don’t walk, into your fresh routines. Make your mark.

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