We appreciate all of our clients, but we have special admiration for Beth Connor. The journey to becoming physically fit is not an easy one, but it is a journey everyone has the potential to participate in. Beth struggled with being overweight through childhood and into part of adulthood. It was not until her 30s that she found the fortitude to make healthy lifestyle changes. This series of choices allowed her to maintain an appropriate weight and continue to improve her physical condition.


Maids By Trade Client Profile: Beth Connor


Maids by Trade is glad to work with Beth Connor and her family. She is now a physical therapist, athlete and personal trainer throughout Portland, in addition to being a client. Each of these roles play heavily in how she matches exercise and diet plans to her clients and their distinct goals. Outlining achievable milestones for her clients that complement their current lifestyle is essential. Small but specific steps over time are easier to accomplish, and she helps her clients approach new pathways for a vibrant, healthy lifestyle in their schedule.

Beth Connor founded GO Training for three reasons. First, as a physical therapist, she enjoys encouraging people to get active and become pain-free. However, once many previous clients centered on a healthy lifestyle, they continued on their way and Connor saw the need for continuation. She considered these characteristics to be the bud of a potential athlete starting to blossom. Beth Connor wanted to be the person to draw out this athlete and take her personal training in Portland to another level.

Secondly, she wanted to be in control of all aspects of a business, including lead generation, administering all visits, and creating goals founded on clear communication. In physical therapy, insurance and corporate guidelines occasionally define the flow of the process. Thirdly, she makes a point to see the athlete leading a healthy lifestyle in every person. In her own words she says, “I believe we all count. We can all find a frequency, amount and modality of fitness that is enjoyable and safe.”


Beth’s Work in Portland

After moving to Portland, her first two clients were a delightful, energetic couple with one child. One partner tended to overdo exercise, leaping from injury to injury. The other partner suffered lower back pain, neck pain and tailbone pain, and always felt better in the past. The formerly overzealous partner now enjoys balanced workouts and is pain-free. The other partner has become consistent with exercise and has no back or tailbone pain and very little neck pain – all through GO Training’s exercises and stretches that are safe, yet challenging.

Beth Connor’s clients range from folks dealing with chronic pain issues and autoimmune disorders to elite runners, and everything in between. She sees three to five people a day – a mix of online and in-person visits of varying lengths. When Beth Connor is not with her clients, she is researching new fitness and healthy lifestyle ideas, watching videos, and tackling the paperwork associated with running a small business. Just like Maids by Trade once had humble beginnings here in Portland, Beth Connor is doing the same with GO Training.

Word of mouth is how most people find Connor’s services. Her friend Emily – an outgoing and warm individual – has nearly single-handedly spread the news that Beth Connor is a personal trainer in Portland with a physical therapy background. From there, recent customers have been incredibly kind to further share the news about Connor’s business.

Beth Connor’s greatest passion is figuring out how to assist people in accomplishing their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. Her strengths shine through gently pushing people beyond their comfort zone, helping prevent further injuries and healing the injuries they’re already battling.

She has great enthusiasm for slowly building exercise and diet changes into a client’s daily atmosphere, ensuring the changes will remain sustainable. Connor maintains realistic standards for the amount and intensity of exercise for each client of GO Training. Her background as an athlete bolsters her ability to relate to and empower people who have formed serious goals. She upholds her physical therapy background by creating safe but stimulating exercise regimens. These plans allow her clients to work out and push hard, but not be ruined for future sessions.

Being a runner, triathlete and weight lifter, Connor knows what it’s like to succeed and embody a healthy lifestyle. She has conquered diverse problems such as over-training with autoimmune disorders, being limited by an injury and losing weight. All of these experiences have taught her what to do when any of these problems resurface, as well. After her car accident and issue with autoimmune disorders she stated, “I finally found a good balance to keep myself strong, happy and fit!”

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Our Clients and the Community

Like many of Beth Connor’s Portland customers that enjoy her background and the novel exercises she brings to the table, we encourage all clients of Maids by Trade to give GO Training a try and take personal training to another level. Get involved with an activity, meet someone new, and improve your health!