International Earth Day is right around the bend, and here at Maids by Trade, there are few calendar landmarks that get us more excited than this one. International Earth Day is a period to recognize how much we care about preserving the Earth, and setting up new habits and patterns to preserve the Earth for decades to come.


International Earth Day


Reclaiming your focus for sustainable cleaning

International Earth Day is the perfect reason to assess how and why your home is normally cleaned. Are you the type to schedule in specific cleaning on a regular basis, or do your cleaning materials only see the light of day when there’s an emergency? Allowing International Earth Day to let you reclaim your focus for sustainable cleaning is the ideal scenario.


EcoPink℠ System

If you’re new to Maids by Trade, one of the most distinguished aspects of our business is our EcoPink℠ System. Since the company began, we have placed a clear emphasis on the holistic benefits of our customers, right down to the chemicals in the cleaning substances we utilize. While International Earth Day is a wonderful day to realign oneself towards green living values, we maintain that every day is a crucial day to clean with green power.


A reputable powerhouse of Earth-friendly materials

Our EcoPink℠ System is PH balanced, Green Seal Certified, industry leading and non-toxic. We take no shortcuts when ensuring that you, your family and your pets are going to get the safest, most environmentally friendly treatment available. Customer satisfaction is number one, and this starts from the ground up with the equipment we use every day.


Pet and child friendly techniques

We understand that having pets in the home can cause as many problems as it does joys, but this is no reason that cleaning up after pets should receive less attention. Since more than half of all U.S. households have a pet of some kind, cleanliness around pets is a homeowner’s priority. We hold a list of pet friendly house cleaning practices for every home, ready at all times.


Change that lasts longer than International Earth Day?

Taking up all this work at once can be overwhelming, even when you are inspired to making lasting changes through International Earth Day. If you’re feeling a bit too blue to keep pushing for green, we can take care of it. Our highly trained teams are the most passionate house cleaners around, ready to make your home shine like new. Contact us today to receive a customized estimate on your home.