International Domestic Workers’ Day is designed to bring attention to all those who leave their own homes to perform work in the home of someone else. This is a day to appreciate these workers and think about the challenges they face. Here we have information about the holiday and what you can do to show appreciation to your house cleaners.


International Domestic Workers' Day


About the Holiday

The International Domestic Workers Federation is a global organization that works to protect domestic workers, who are usually women. The mission of the IDWF is to ensure domestic workers receive the same rights and respect as workers in other fields of work.


Enjoy Ethical House Cleaning

In recognition of International Domestic Workers’ Day, enjoy some house cleaning from a responsible and local company. Maids by Trade employees are paid higher than the industry standard and most of our employees have been with us for five to ten years. We treat our workers well not just because we know their customer service is what makes this company successful, but because it’s the only right thing to do.


Compare Us to the Competition

Maids by Trade employees are actual employees of the company, not subcontractors. We’re a close-knit family, dedicated to helping each other out and ensuring that every job is done to our customers’ satisfaction.


We Value Our Team Members

Every team member has flexibility in his/her schedule to allow time off with their family. Although most employment positions are full time, occasionally team members need extra time off and we do our best to facilitate that.


For Domestic Workers’ Day, Choose Maids by Trade!

When you choose Maids by Trade, you’re choosing a company that treats its employees like you would. We are proud to provide over thirty full-time jobs and allow our employees the means with which to raise families. Learn more about the family culture at Maids by Trade. Sign the Pledge and show your support for domestic workers’ rights!