Maids by Trade’s Family

Even as Maids by Trade has expanded our service, we have remained a small company made up of a close-knit team members. Here’s a small introduction to our company family and the Maids by Trade teams.


Maids by Trade Family of Professionals


More Than a Place to Work

It’s a place through which people connect to one another. The perks of working at Maids by Trade include lots of parties, eating, and getting to go to different company events!


Something Different Every Day

The cleaning crews’ schedules change throughout the week, which keeps things interesting. In addition, we are always getting new clients—new people to meet and impress.


Maids by Trade’s Employee Recognition


Flexibility and Family

Most Maids by Trade employees have been with the company for between five and ten years. We pay more than the industry standard because we respect our teams and the work they do. We also strive to work with our employees’ scheduling needs. Maids by Trade is a family-friendly company that understands the need to be flexible. Of course, the importance of family also includes pets! The dogs Bibi, Bubu, and Nona are frequently seen sniffing around the office.


Proud to Be the Best

Since many of our employees have been with us for multiple years, they have lots of experience in addition to being trained professionals. The Maids by Trade family is happy and comfortable, but we are also very serious about our work. Our teams are determined to always deliver the highest-quality service. Our reputation as the best in the house cleaning industry and the growth of our company depend on the work of our team members, but that’s not why they do such a great job. Maids by Trade employees genuinely take pride in their work and get satisfaction from the knowledge that a job has been done well. Our teams are the best at what they do, and they are the reason that Maids by Trade is as successful as it is.


Team Appreciation

Because of the excellent service our teams deliver, we often get questions from clients about tips and if they are permissible. We allow our cleaning crews to receive tips, and we are thankful that our clients want to recognize hard work.


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