Entering the new home that you purchased is certainly a magnificent and rare experience. However, making sure brand-new homes stay clean once they’re no longer brand-new is a seemingly impossible challenge. You want to hold on to that new-home clean for as long as possible, so use the tips below to help you stay on top of things.


How to Ensure New Homes Stay Clean


1 – Develop a schedule of periodic and systematic cleaning early on

One of the easiest problems to fall victim to is the temptation of just “living lavishly” – the idea of celebrating a new home without placing limits, and without utilizing discipline. It is easy to want to push cleaning off until tomorrow, but then “tomorrow” becomes never. Once you are fully unpacked and moved into your new home, designate specific days and times on your calendar for cleaning. Make sure that your cleaning tasks are not simply the easiest or most desirable, either. Be conscious of the areas or facilities of your new house that need it most, and set aside enough time and energy to get the work done.


2 – Be intentional and deliberate towards removing clutter

Clutter is perhaps the most viral and persistent issue in most American houses and businesses. The statistics on clutter are both endless and mind-boggling, but the simplest and most effective way to tackle this problem is by addressing it every day. Many people think that clutter can be addressed on a weekly or even monthly basis, but the truth is that if clutter is not faced and cleared daily, that is precisely when it becomes clutter, especially when cleaning a new home. Mail, papers, bills, and print items that are managed and acted upon regularly are not clutter because they simultaneously serve a purpose and occupy a place. Items that are simply using up space and collecting dust become clutter, and must be handled immediately.


3 – Refuse to neglect the tasks or rooms that you would rather not clean

Everyone has a room or a chore that they would rather not do. This could be cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, cleaning dirty dishes, vacuuming or removing trash, but you are likely able to think of the exact task that you abhor. Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways to ensure that your new home can stay clean as it ought to. If your partner or a family member happens to enjoy the cleaning task that you despise, offer to trade them for one that they are not as keen on. If this is not an option, select a small but meaningful way to reward yourself once the task has been completed. Your new home will continue to look and feel marvelous, and you will feel fantastic.


4 – Remember that everything does not have to fall on your shoulders

Another critical reason that keeps people from ever getting started on cleaning projects is because it appears to be insurmountable. This could not be further from the truth, however. Gathering up family members, or even enlisting the service of a home cleaning company can help you take a much-needed load off and enjoy the environment of a clean new home without all of the sweat. Your house may be large or complex enough to warrant a more regular cleaning, in which case it certainly makes more sense to have professionals get the job done for you.


An easier way to get new homes to stay clean

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