Tile is a hard-wearing material, like stone or ceramic. Due to this durability, tile is great for flooring and also easy to clean. Review our pointers on how to keep a tile floor clean and dirt-free.


How to Clean a Tile Floor


Sweep First

First sweep clear the floor of any debris, dust, or grime. Doing this before adding any liquid will prevent mud from happening. You can also vacuum the floor to remove any dirt or debris.



If you haven’t done so already, clear the floor of any debris or chairs that may be in the way. Then get a bucket and mop. Fill the bucket with equal parts of vinegar and hot water. Dip the mop into the bucket and scrub the tile flooring with a back-and-forth or side-to-side motion. After mopping the entire floor, stay off the floor until dry or use a towel to dry the floor.


Hand Washing

Sometimes hand washing the floor one section at a time is better than mopping the entire floor all at once. This method gives the floor more attention to detail and removes as much dirt as possible. You’ll need a sponge and a bucket filled with equal parts vinegar and hot water. Choose a section at the back of the area you’ll be mopping and scrub until clean. Move in the direction of the doorway.

How to Clean a Tile Floor and grout


Spot Cleaning Stains

Make a mixture of scouring powder and warm water in a bucket. Apply the mixture to the stain and let the mixture sit for five minutes so it has time to soak up the stain from the tile. If you wipe off the mixture and the stain is still there, repeat the process. Continue until the stain has lifted from the tile floor. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean cloth.


Products You Can Use

The best products to use to clean your tile floors are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, your favorite dish soap, vinegar, or even cornstarch. You can also use bleach to clean tile flooring. In a bucket add 3/4 cup of bleach to a gallon of warm water. Mop or hand wash the floors as described above.


Getting a Clean Tile Floor is a Breeze!

Tile makes for wonderful flooring because it’s so easy to clean. Frequent maintenance will help it look flawless. Everyday sweeping is recommended to prevent dust and dirt build-up. Of course, life gets busy and it’s not always easy to keep up with the cleaning chores. That’s why it’s nice that your local house cleaning service is always there to help.