Honed granite is a beautiful matte alternative for counters and surfaces for those who want granite without the high-gloss. However, because honed granite is  less shiny, imperfections can be more noticeable, meaning knowing how to clean this surface is all the more important. Use these tips to make your honed granite last longer and look better.


How to Clean Honed Granite


What is Honed Granite? How Is It Different?

Honed granite is just a piece of granite that doesn’t get the final buffing. Less polishing means a matte or less-shiny surface. It’s also different from normal granite in that it should be resealed more often.


How to Clean

The best way to clean a honed granite countertop is to use a stone cleanser and a soft-bristled brush. Spray the stone cleanser on the countertop and scrub away any dirt or debris with the soft-bristled brush. Wipe off any debris with a wet cloth or disinfecting wipe.


How to Remove Stains

First make a paste using baking soda and warm water. Apply the paste to the stain and cover with plastic wrap. Let the paste sit overnight. Remove the paste with a plastic knife and rinse the counter with warm water.


What Not to Use

Stay away from vinegar, citrus, and acidic cleaners when cleaning granite counter tops. Such substances will eat away at the surface even if the granite is sealed. Also avoid steel wool brushes as they will scratch the surface and leave it scuffed and dull. Lastly, avoid bleach. Although honed granite is very durable, bleach can shorten its life span.


Sealing Honed Granite

You can purchase sealer from any local improvement store to do this task. First apply the sealer to the countertop using a soft cloth in gentle strokes. Allow the sealant to dry and then apply a second coat in the same way. A honed granite counter should be resealed every 6 months to keep it protected against stains and make the countertop last longer.

These tips will keep your counters clean and free from bacteria. Put the resealing chore on your cleaning calendar so you don’t forget. Also, remember you can always get your local maid service to help with your cleaning needs.