Rugs are beautiful furnishings for a room, but they can get dirty quickly below our feet. Dirty rugs not only make a room look worse, but they can harbor dust, allergens, and other irritants. Use our easy maintenance steps for a clean rug that makes your home healthier and more beautiful.


How to Clean a Rug. Cleaning tip from Maids by Trade


Machine Wash

Read the label on the rug. If it’s okay to machine wash the rug, go for it. Shake the rug out first to remove any loose debris or particles, put it in, and set the cycle to delicate. Do not wash with any clothing or towels. Add a little laundry detergent and start the wash. After the cycle has finished hang-dry the rug. You will have a clean rug in no time!


Machine Wash (Different Machine This Time)

Odds are the only rugs that are going to be machine washable are small and thin, like your bath mats. For large heavy rugs, you’ll need a carpet shampooer. (If you don’t own, which is likely, you can rent one.) Fill the shampooer with the carpet cleaner of your choice and run the shampooer slowly over the rug. Allow the machine plenty of time to linger and really get to the trapped dirt. Consider going over the rug again with just water in the shampooer to rinse out remaining soap. Leave the rug alone until it has fully air dried.



Shake or vacuum the rug to remove loose dirt and debris. Wash the rug using a scrub brush and soapy water. Scrub in the direction of the rug’s nap. Once it’s been washed, take it outside and give it a good rinse with the garden hose. Let it dry flat.


Scrub after Washing

After the rug has dried use a clean soft bristled brush to scrub it back and forth. This will loosen and fluff the fibers that were compacted by cleaning or drying.


Three Different Ways to a Clean Rug

With all these options, there’s no excuse not to have a clean rug. Clean rugs will improve the look of your home as well as the health of its inhabitants. You should clean your rugs about once year. Spring cleaning is a great time to clean your rugs and do all those other once-a-year chores.