House Cleaning Rates

You’ll see a wide range of house cleaning rates while shopping around. This reflects the wide range of quality. Not all maid services are equal, so read the information below to learn about house cleaning rates, why they vary, what they include, what to look for, and what to avoid.

House Cleaning Rates

Why do house cleaning rates vary?

Residential cleaners run local businesses with daily operational costs. As a customer, the costs you should care the most about are their employees and cleaning products.

Welcoming house cleaners into your home means that you extend a degree of trust to the cleaning company you hire. A company advertising extremely low house cleaning rates is likely not making enough profit to pay their employees what they’re worth. When a company pays their employees a fair wage, this translates into a happy individual with high standards, working hard to clean your home.

During a slow economy, businesses struggle, but companies with dedicated customers don’t need to drop prices out of desperation. Since you are looking for a local house cleaning company, keep an eye out for one that’s getting lots of local return business. This is a sign of the consistent quality and customer satisfaction you’re looking for.

How do you find a popular local cleaning company? Ask friends and family who they recommend. Take a look at local customer reviews. You’ll be surprised at the range of quality you find before you even know specific house cleaning rates.

3 low cleaning rate risks to avoid

#1 Unknown businesses
You don’t trust strangers because you don’t know anything about them. The same applies to a business. If you search for reviews, ask around and no one has heard of a certain cleaning company, it doesn’t matter how low their house cleaning rate is. This is your home, so trusting a stranger is not worth the risk.

#2 Add on charges
Sometimes you see a low rate advertised with an asterisk next to it. If you read the fine print, you quickly discover that most of the services you need will cost extra. Paying a low base price won’t benefit you if the final bill tallies up beyond your budget. Get an accurate quote that includes any add on charges.

#3 Low quality products
Household safe, eco-friendly cleaning products cost money. There’s no way around an EPA or Green Seal certification. Find out what type of products will be used in your home before you are impressed by a cheap house cleaning rate. Businesses can cut corners by using cheap products, but you have a right to expect better for your home.

What do professional house cleaning rates include?

You know you’ve found a professional cleaning service when their quoted price includes (at the very least) the following:

  • Angie's list super service awardScreened employees

This means background checks, random drug checks, relevant professional experience and full legal certification for employment in the United States.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

Officially, professionally tested products that are EPA approved, Green Seal certified, and follow EcoPink System methods.

  • Customer reviews

You can better trust a company with local experience. While not every review needs to be perfect, a customer with years in business should have positive reviews readily available.

  • A free cleaning quote

For a house cleaning company to provide an accurate quote, they need to be certain they can serve your needs. You shouldn’t have to pay for a cleaning quote. Look for companies who offer a free in-home estimate, providing the most accurate quote.

Are you ready for a house cleaning quote?

Maids by Trade gives you an accurate quote with an in-home estimate. All of our employees are fully screened, we use EPA approved cleaning products and are proud of our growing list of positive reviews and testimonials. Let us help you enjoy your home.