A Hot Summer Ahead for TucsonSummer is barely starting and we’re already in the triple-digit temperatures here in Tucson. From Marana to Midtown, Sam Hughes to Tanque Verde, this summer is already promising to be a hot one. Did you get the spring cleaning done? If not, wouldn’t now be a good time to have a house cleaning service to come to your home and do this? Because in your free time, do you really want to be cleaning the house when you could be at the pool?

Wouldn’t You Rather Be Anywhere Else but Cleaning Right Now?

The monsoons are several weeks away at least. People new to Tucson are asking, “When does it start to cool off?!” Guess what? This is just the beginning! We haven’t seen anything yet! This is why people immediately hire professional landscapers to keep their yards trim. It becomes obvious that a professional house cleaning service would be just as wise.

Keep all family members hydrated in Tanque VerdeIt’s already climbed up to 112 degrees and we can look forward, so to speak, to at least a couple months of this occurring on a regular basis. What?! Yes, if you are new to Tucson—welcome to Tucson! This is a desert. Did you know many people leave here and live elsewhere in summer? That’s why. But those who remain, life can be less complicated and sweltering. Pick up the phone and call Maids by Trade and enjoy a professionally cleaned house and spend the time somewhere with a pool.

A house cleaning service helps make the desert a better place to live. Look on the bright side. You won’t need to shovel snow here. You don’t have to shovel sunshine. But there’s a lot more to Tucson than sunshine. Neighborhoods like Tanque Verde have some great restaurants where you can enjoy a great meal and come home to a professionally cleaned house afterwards.

When you’ve been out all day, in and out of air conditioning, and driving home in a car where the air conditioning only seems to make it finally cooler when you pull into the driveway, is cleaning the house what you want to come home to? How about just coming home to a clean house and putting your feet up with a glass of cold ice water? With a house cleaning service, that becomes your reality and not just a dream as you’re driving home and already dreading the chores.

Tanque Verde & Surroundings Get Ready!

It’s going to be a hot summer and it’s only just begun. Isn’t it time to just say, “You know what? I’m calling a professional cleaning service. I want it done a lot better than I can do it. I’m going to the pool.”

From Marana to Midtown, Sam Hughes to Tanque Verde, this summer will definitely be hot. Be prepared!