What Kind of House Cleaners to Hire

House Cleaners to HireWhen you are on the hunt for house cleaners you can trust, quality and affordability can seemingly be at odds. You want to find a company that will perform excellent work (perhaps on a regular basis), but you also want to know that your hard-earned money is going to be well-spent. If this sounds like the problem you are facing, read on for five pointers on how to pick quality house cleaners.

1. Are they a trusted business?

Any kind of company that has been around for 10 years or longer is one that has jumped through an innumerable amount of hoops in order to get where they are today. That is the sign of a company that has a vision and a mission stronger than their obstacles.

Cleaning companies in particular have a smorgasbord of variables to focus on and work with in order to make their company successful. When looking into a house cleaning company, double check to make sure their employees are bonded and fully insured, and you will have found a business worthy of your trust.

2. Is their work noticeably high quality?

No one wants the frustration of having house cleaners come in and then barely leave the house better than they found it. Worse, if the company does not have a guarantee it means you have been left with a pile of work to finish.

With a company that has already been out in their field for a number of years, learning from their mistakes and improving upon them, their work is assuredly of higher quality than that of their competitors. They now know how to avoid pitfalls and serve a variety of customers with the same level of output.

3. Do they have a Service Guarantee?

Green seal certified Professional House Cleaning ServicesIf a cleaning company is going to come into your home, move furniture around and apply some real elbow grease to every room, you want to make sure they have a satisfaction guarantee of some kind. This stands as the company’s own investment in their work.

As a potential customer, you want to look for businesses that will stand behind what they do, and that they will always do it well, even if there is a misunderstanding somewhere in between. A service guarantee allows you to voice your concerns if you feel the company did not stand up to each aspect of their service or product.

4. Are they committed to caring for their clients?

Businesses that have a “one size fits all” mentality about their customers are doomed to run into issues down the road. This type of damaging and detrimental mentality shows that a company thinks they can get away with serving as little as possible to their customers. Think about a restaurant that only offered one type of appetizer, drink, meal and dessert. You would probably dislike eating there quite a bit.

A parallel can be drawn with house cleaners. Look for the companies that offer scheduling options, service customizationand flexibility. It would be very frustrating to find a company you like, but one that only works on certain days or performs a strict collection of tasks. Cleaning companies that provide wider flexibility here are worth looking into.

Maid Service Yelp5. How wide is their experience?

Another aspect you should look for in cleaning companies is the ability to solve problems within a variety of homes and for a broad span of homeowners. A high-quality cleaning company will always be prepared for challenging scenarios such as homes with pets, seemingly permanent stains, lingering odors, care for the elderly, move-ins and move-outs.

Maids by Trade provides the highest quality in cleaning care. Our employees are fully insured, helpful, and happy to do work they love. We also provide a Full Satisfaction Guarantee to all our clients. Contact us if you want to know more about how we can best help you have the home you want.