The holidays are known to be a stress-inducing time for most. The meal preparations, gift buying, party attending and hosting are enough to make the most prepared and organized person dread the busyness. Holiday house cleaning in the midst of your schedule can easily feel like another burden on your back, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be so complex. You can solve multiple problems with less energy by using our holiday cleaning checklist.


The Quick Holiday Cleaning Checklist


Clean out the nooks and crannies

From late October through the beginning of January, if your family puts up decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, chances are many of your decorations are kept in nooks and crannies. Holiday house cleaning is already a big task, and you probably keep your decorations where they’re out of sight and out of mind.

Use the fact that you’re unboxing decorations again to perform holiday house cleaning in the nooks and crannies. If you keep decorations in your attic, basement or garage, take a look around and see what holiday house cleaning you can do while you’re at it. It could save you hours of work later when you’re not in the mood.


Holiday cleaning includes decorations!

First, assess if your decorations can last another year. If they’re on their last legs, consider laying them to rest when the season is over. Most American homes have more unneeded items than they can manage, so holiday house cleaning that involves disposing of clutter is another double-whammy. Here are 4 tips to help you remove clutter before it ever appears.


Organize and minimize

Organizing your goals and equipment before you start holiday cleaning is like getting half the work done before you start. Jot down every room and each task that needs to be completed and cross each item off as you go. Holiday house cleaning truly can be this straightforward and effective.

Minimize your difficulties by assessing what’s in each room as you clean it. Holiday cleaning is only more challenging when we don’t keep track of what’s already been done. If you find more work to do in the middle of something else, write it on a new list to address later on.


Double check your kitchen and bathrooms

Your bathrooms and kitchen are the places in your house that are (or ought to be) regularly cleaned. House cleaning professionals are highly familiar with these areas, as they typically have critical cleaning demands. Your guests during the holiday season are sure to walk through both areas, so it is a holiday house cleaning priority to ensure they are all clean. Check out 3 more tips to make your home ready for the holiday season.

This is where a professional house cleaning service provides magnificent benefits. We are bonded and insured, can work around your schedule and have been in business for 15+ years. Contact us for a free estimate on your home. We’re happy to help wherever you need us!