Happiness is such an elusive goal.  We are constantly searching for it.  It is, after all, how we define a successful life.  We want to be happy, we want our kids to be happy, and we want to live among other happy people.  So if we all want to be happy and are all searching for it, why aren’t we happy?  August is Happiness Happens Month, and it is here as a reminder that we can find happiness and it maybe isn’t as hard to find as we think!


It's Time to Smile for Happiness Happens Month


Happiness Hunting

The simple things in life are really the most important, and guess what…they are the things that will bring us happiness.  It is human nature to over complicate everything especially in today’s society.  There are gadgets and technology everywhere.  We have computer programs that can run entire buildings.  We sit behind television screens and computer screens for hours on end.  Perhaps during this special month, we get back to our basic roots.


Get More Physical Activity

Our bodies are made to move.  Society today is much too idle.  We sit all day at work, in our cars, and in front of the television.  Aim for 30 minutes of semi-strenuous activity each day.  Exercise releases endorphins in our bodies, and those endorphins make us feel good.  Our bodies are smart.  Just try leaving the gym in a bad mood.  It is almost impossible after a good workout.  Double up on the happiness by working out with a buddy.  You’ll be doing something good for your body as well as spending time with a friend.  Want another happy hack?  Get yourself an awesome playlist to listen to while you work out.  Music has been proven to lift spirits.


Go Outside

Fresh air and natural light are so good for your body, mind, and soul.  Soak up that natural vitamin D from the sun’s beautiful rays.  Take any and all opportunities to embrace nature.  Enjoy the smell of beautiful flowers or freshly cut grass.  Take a walk, sit outside with a cup of coffee, or enjoy a dip in a lake to cool off from the summer heat.  Take a good look around you at this world we live in and take for granted each day.  Be thankful for each day!


It's Time to Smile for Happiness Happens Month and enjoy it outside with friends



Did you know that the simple act of smiling will make you a little happier?  It is true!  Experiment by giving ten people you pass by a genuine smile.  Watch to see how that smile affects them.  Most people will be touched and return the smile.  You can actually make someone’s day a little brighter just by offering a smile.  If you make a habit out of smiling at people, over time you will build happiness through others.  What a concept!


Protect the Environment

Speaking of spending time outdoors, doing something (no matter how small it may seem) to help protect our environment will instantly bring you happiness.  One great way to make an impact is to use green cleaners for all of your cleaning needs.  So many chemicals are put into the environment each day.  There is really no need for that with all of the green cleaners available on the market.  They are proven to clean just as effectively and will not burn your nose when you walk into a freshly cleaned room.  Give green cleaners a try during this Happiness Happens month and bring a little happiness to yourself and the Earth!


Your Cell Phone

Put it down!  The world is passing by and we don’t even notice it!  We are too busy checking social media or checking email to appreciate everything the world has to offer.  While email, social media, and blog posts like this one are important, it is also important to spend time connecting with friends and family.  Make a commitment to spend time each day disconnected from technology.  Enjoy a cell phone free family dinner each night or make a no phone after 7pm rule for your family.

Use your Happiness Happens month wisely this year.  Don’t let another year pass you by as you search for to be happy.  Get back to the basics and happiness is guaranteed to find you!