Camping isn’t for everyone, but glamping? Now that’s an activity even anyone can get on board with. It’s the perfect combination of spending time in the great outdoors while taking advantage of life’s luxuries. How do you get started, though? What materials will you need?


Glamping in the Great Outdoors


Determine Your Glamping Budget

Before heading to the store and stocking up on items, it’s important to sit down and take an inventory of your budget. A true glamping experience can cost thousands of dollars, so purchasing everything at once isn’t always smart.

Is your shelter the star of the show? Are your cooking supplies the main focus? Asking yourself questions like these is a sure fire way to make the right decision.


Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep determines your level of productivity the next day, so we suggest starting here. There are a variety of options, including air mattresses, queen or king-sized cots, and even folding guest beds.

There are plenty of options when it comes to mattresses, too. Do you like sleeping on a big fluffy mound, or something a little firmer? By looking around, you can find exactly what you need.


Fine Dining in the Forest

The second more important component when glamping is your cooking set-up. Good meals not only provide energy, they are also a way to spend time and build relationships with your fellow glamping mates.

First, make sure to have a variety of green cleaners on hand for easy clean-up. Whether you opt for an over-the-counter items or make your own solution of vinegar and water, non-toxic green cleaners are the way to go.

Second, think about how you’re going to keep things cool. Some high-quality brands of camping refrigeration devices provide built in fans, bear proof seals, and even electronic hook-ups. If you can’t charge your phone from the comfort of your seat at the campfire, it isn’t glamping.

Third, consider what kind of utensils to take. Instead of picking up paper or plastic disposable offerings, invest in a fine dining set that includes both eating and cooking utensils.


Glamping and Fine Dining in Forest


Tools for Easy Cleanup

Spending time in the great outdoors gets dirty, so you’ll want to have plenty of cleaning options on hand. Green cleaners work for basic tidying up, but for a true glamping experience, consider purchasing an entire folding washing station.

Having space to cut and prep food, a sink to wash dishes in, and a large drying rack can take your next camping trip from fun to amazing. What’s not to like about that?

Learn other cleaning techniques here.


Lighting and Electronics

What’s a glamping trip if you can’t watch television or read a book in the middle of the night? For a truly luxury experience outside, consider purchasing a small generator. There are gas and solar powered options available, all of which pump electricity right into your tent, cabin, hammock, or whatever it is you’re staying in.

You can even opt for an RV of some sorts. If buying on is not an option, you can rent them. Be sure to figure this into your camping budget.

Portable air conditioners, patio lighting, electric fans, and even entire entertainment system set-ups exist. The sky is the limit, it’s all up to you and your budget.

Make your next camping trip a glamping trip! Stock up on supplies, have your green cleaners handy, and get ready to have fun.

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