International Picnic Day is June 18.  When you think of a picnic, you likely picture a blanket in a park with a cute little picnic basket.  What an amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Sign me up!  But don’t let your creativity stop there.  A picnic can mean almost anything you want it to.  The day is meant to celebrate gathering together outdoors to eat and enjoy the company of those you care about.  The true origin of International Picnic Day is not known, but it is believed to trace back to the end of the French Revolution.  In that time, picnics were ways for people to escape the restrictive etiquette rules and the formality of meals.  Picnics were meant for relaxation.  In fact, there really aren’t any rules for the day. Lots of different ways exist that you could choose to spend your International Picnic Day this year.  The important thing is to spend it with your friends and family and make it memorable!


Celebrate International Picnic Day


Go Big or Go Small on International Picnic Day

International Picnic Day doesn’t have to be complicated.  That picture that pops into your head when you envision a picnic could be exactly what you want to do to celebrate.  So grab a basket, throw in some easy cold foods, and head out to a local park.  Take the kids or make it a date with your significant other or even use it as a chance to catch up with a close friend.  Take along a Frisbee or ball to sneak in a little exercise after you eat.

What if you would like to go a little bigger? Who says your picnic has to be small and intimate?  For those who want to live a little larger on International Picnic Day, there are so many ways to celebrate.  Check your local papers and media to find out what events are going on in your area.  If you live near a big city, there will likely be several things to choose from ranging from water park activities to concerts.


Picnic basket


Consider having your own International Picnic Day event!  Why rely on the city to throw a show stopping picnic event when you can host your own?  You can choose just how big you want to go by choosing your invite list and meal options.  Obviously you will want to stay in line with the picnic theme, but there are so many possibilities.  You could choose a unique outdoor location that perhaps requires hiking to get to.  How fun!  Host a potluck with friends and assign items for everyone to bring.  You could have the picnic party right in your backyard.  The options are endless.


Planning for your Picnic

Unless you choose an event that has food included, you’ll need to put in a little bit of planning for food and cleanup.  International Picnic Day lends itself to cold dishes that require little preparation.  Salads, sandwiches, crackers, chips and dips, and cold meat are some examples of common picnic food.  Many people choose to incorporate wine and a simple dessert such as chocolate.  For an easier picnic with less planning, you could always opt for store bought food or purchase something fresh from a restaurant.  Because relaxation on this day is important, don’t stress too much on what to serve.  Keep it easy and simple to eat outdoors without too many utensils.


Go big or go small on international picnic day


Cleanup should be minimized if you keep food relatively simple.  If the weather chooses not to cooperate and you have to move your picnic indoors, be prepared for a little house cleaning both before the picnic and afterwards.  If time isn’t on your side, you could always hire a maid service to come in and do the house cleaning before or after your event.  This would be especially beneficial if the weather expectantly turns bad leaving you unprepared.  Another option is to assign guests a simple house cleaning task to complete after the picnic ends (for example, one person takes out the trash and one person sweeps the floor).  The bottom line is simple: don’t let bad weather ruin your International Picnic Day celebrations.

However you choose to celebrate International Picnic Day is completely up to you.  You really can’t go wrong as long as you incorporate relaxation, food, and the people that matter the most to you.