Thinking of ways to show your love for Dad on Father’s Day is not always a simple task. The man who was responsible for helping to take care of you, providing for you, and building you up deserves his own special day, and it will mean the world to him if you deeply consider your actions on this weekend. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15th, and here are a few ways to make your care for Dad evident.


Father's Day: Show Your Dad You Love Him


1 – Hug your Dad

Most fathers love physical contact, and there is usually nothing more meaningful in a physical way than sharing a big bear hug. Your Dad may have given you piggyback rides when you were smaller, but now a full-on hug is one of the most sincere things you can do.


2 – Keep his personality and preferences in mind

Father’s Day is all about celebrating who your Dad is, so do not allow any pressure of feeling a need to act to overshadow actions or words that your Dad would truly appreciate. Be mindful of what your father likes and does not like, and use this to guide how you can appreciate him.


3 – Make Father’s Day about quality time

In the age of faster everything, there is nothing like being able to slow down and actually spend quality time with a family member, especially on a weekend. Cut out a few hours to spend with your Dad doing something he enjoys that you can participate in. You will both look back on this time joyfully.


4 – If you want to give him something, make it your own

In the instance that your Dad enjoys crafts or hands-on activities, take the time to build a gift with your own hands rather than getting something store-bought. He will marvel at the attention you put towards this and likely cherish it more than anything.


5 – Simply say, “I love you”

Fathers themselves may not hear these words too often, so hearing them from you is something that will brighten his world. This small but incredibly powerful action will mean more to him than you know.


6 – Lighten his burden and pick up a chore for him

Despite having to be at work for most weeks out of the year to earn income, Dads usually have chores and home improvement projects to take care of as well. Whether or not you decide to take up a small house project in June or not, cleaning or improving an area of the house on behalf of Dad is an action that will reap dividends for months to come.

Even using a professional cleaning service to handle part of the house that Dad would rather not have to work on would be greatly appreciated. Regardless of how you show your love on Father’s Day, putting effort into your choice will ensure he feels loved.

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