One thing is for sure in the house cleaning industry: employees must work as a team. In maid service offices there are generally 2 groups: cleaning crews and office staff. Across the groups are the complicating factors of different backgrounds, skill-sets, languages, age groups, and personalities, and more. Despite all these differences, a company must create a cohesive group in which everyone works together to grow the company. This can only happen if employee teamwork is a priority.

There are many things that offices can do to encourage team building, improve team work, and keep cooperation flowing during the process of making house cleaning clients happy. Here is a list of things everyone can do to move, not just forward, but upward as a team and to improve customers’ experience of working with their service.


How to Build Employee Teamwork in a House Cleaning Service


Employee Teamwork Tips


1. Be on time

In the house cleaning industry, everything revolves around appointments. It is essential to be on time not only to work, but with our clients too. Being late causes serious problems to the company, it shows that you are irresponsible and can make the company look disorganized to the eyes of the client.


2. Stay busy

Even if the phone is not ringing or the next job needs to be completed within the next hour. If you’re done with your tasks, find something meaningful to do. Attempts to chat with your co-worker so you don’t get bored can send the wrong message: you are distracting and un-productive. Remember others might not be as efficient and need their time and space to get the job done. Ask your supervisor:

  • In the office: What else can I do? Or I am done with my task, do you need help?
  • In the field: See the checklist and make sure everything is done accordingly, offer to help your co-worker, wipe the front door, or do something that will impress the client. (Avoid going overboard, though.)

What can I do to finish as promised to the client?


3. Be a volunteer

Sometimes we need a temporary replacement. Raise your hand and step up to cover a temporary position, regardless of what it is. Doing so won’t send the message that you want to switch employment positions (unless you really want to— then specify). This will show that you are a team player and that you care about the company and your team.


4. Enjoy what you do

We all have to work long hours and the reality is that we might not love everything we do. It is key to make the best out of it and be creative. Picking up the slack from others is not fun so we have to share the load and cover each other’s back. Stay positive and focused. That’s what a great team player does.


5. Cross-train and get to learn new skills

When possible, try learning new skills. This will come handy when a person is sick and can’t show up to work for days. Being prepared to pick up those tasks will assure our house cleaning clients get their needs addressed. You’ll feel great knowing that you are better prepared and that willing to learn and contribute to the company’s growth. This will make you an asset to the company and you as we all know: Assets are keepers.


6. Be friendly

It is important to be friendly and humble to your coworkers, regardless of your position. Having to work long hours can help you improve the relationship with your coworkers, take advantage of that so that the next time you need to be off earlier or need somebody to cover for you a whole day, you won’t have trouble finding a coworker to pick up your essential tasks. Buying a coffee or lollypop for a coworker it’s not a crime, yet. Have fun, be nice.


7. Ask for help

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you really need it. It’s good for team-building and it will assure the company’s goal get met on time.


8. Take a break

Make sure to take your breaks accordingly so that you can be productive the time when you’re working. This will help you clear and reset your mind so you can perform better.


9. Follow directions and don’t take it personally

Working for a house cleaning company involves taking instructions, following directions, and making changes when needed. Coping with changes to your instructions can especially be challenging. Learn to separate work-directions with any personal related issues. Ask if you have questions. Learn from your mistakes and listen to constructive criticism. Be professional. Be a leader!


10. Compromise

Occasionally you will find employee teamwork a challenge. Work out disagreements and conflicts. Compromise and be willing to give a little to get a little. Work is hard enough without hassling with co-workers.

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Be patient. Building employee teamwork takes time. Meanwhile… learn how to run a successful office meeting.