Many house cleaning companies have meetings that are unstructured and boring. Your maid service office doesn’t have to be like that, though. Your meetings can be effective, productive, and uplift office staff mood. All you have to do is learn from the best in the business world : Apple and Google.


How to Run an Office Meeting Like Apple or Google Run Their Empires


A key aspect of a successful house cleaning service is to have regular office meetings. These help to refocus on goals and delegate tasks. When looking to improve these meetings, it helps to emulate the best. Though your business may be much smaller, it can still use the same techniques as Google or Apple to make meetings better.


Take these important steps to achieve better results on your next office meeting:


1. Get a staff member to take notes.

While it’s important to have a checklist of what will be discussed at the meeting, it is very important to have a set of “official notes” to detect potential inconsistencies. This is a habit that will help you improve your meetings. Generally, these notes will be made available to those that missed the meeting so that they can be informed about the direction of your house cleaning service.


2. Meetings must have a stated purpose.

Attendees will look for flexibility and they will be motivated to work with your purpose, especially those that are trying to achieve higher standards in the work place. Not having an agenda will turn your meeting into a social gathering.


3. Get ready to challenge and be challenged.

Employees will tend to expose flaws or challenge your arguments. If an employee is constantly been negative and has no contributions to the meeting, perhaps that person shouldn’t be required to attend the meeting. Avoid being confrontational.


4. There is nothing illegal about brainstorming, yet.

Allow your team to brainstorm without being judgmental. Critiquing team members for brainstorming is not a wise idea. Think of brainstorming like wide river current with a powerful force, something it carries little ideas and sometimes it can carry amazing and impressive ideas to move forward.


5. Don’t exceed 30 minutes without a break.

Keep meetings to a maximum of 30 minutes and if you must extend that, then take a 5 minutes break. Long meetings tend to become boring and unproductive.


6. The fewer the better.

A productive meeting should not exceed more than 10 people. Anything over that can be addressed via email with the same results.


7. Decisions and meetings don’t mix.

Never take a decision during a meeting and avoid holding a decision until the next meeting takes place, business operations have to continue without interruptions.


8. Apply a simple rule: “Solutions, not problems.”

Encourage your team to present a “solution to a problem” not a “problem in needs of a solution”. Problems should be addressed privately.


9. All meeting should have an end time.

Employees will respond better if they know what the end projected time is.


10. Individual Meetings.

Meet with company employees at least once a week for a 5 minutes minimum. 1-on-1 meeting will give you a better prospective about what is employee’s perception of the company and will reinforce the individual’s sense of contribution to the company.


Apple, Google, and Maids by Trade!

Maids by Trade is house cleaning service that caters to a wide range of clients and addresses their maid service needs. While we are not exactly like Apple or Google, our fundamental goals are probably the same: to make happy customers and grow our business. Effective meetings help us do just that. There are only some many companies that can go global in a short time, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to become “the next big thing.” We work hard and smart and that’s what sets us apart.

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