Employee appreciation day on March 4th, and Maids by Trade is all about employee appreciation! We know our company is successful because our workers do great work and are providers of excellent customer service. In addition to compensation, we like to acknowledge a job well done in other ways.


Employee Appreciation Day


Maids by Trade celebrates by…


Providing coffee daily and pastries once a week

There’s nothing like a late morning or early afternoon pick-me-up to keep people going. What’s more, everyone enjoys a pleasant snack to stay motivated throughout the day and to keep from feeling depressed if anything bad happens. This is a tangible way to show your employees that you’re looking after them.


Providing space for employee celebrations

When it’s time to sing and dance for a bit, you need the right location! We ensure that a space is provided for employee celebrations, so that the proper mood can carry on.


Handwriting birthday cards for every employee

Last but certainly not least, our managerial team writes a birthday card for every employee by hand. This is one of our favorite ways to remind our staff how valuable and respected they are. We are privileged to have many employees who have been with our company for many years. There is nothing like receiving a customized note about how important one is on a team, so we make this a priority every year.


Celebrating important holidays as a family

When it comes to partying… our teams are ready take part and celebrate with us and their family as well. Our regular picnics and end-of-year celebrations are a great way to bond and gather all team members to share a meal with one another.


Enjoying potlucks

As a diverse family, we like to share our traditional dishes with our coworkers. This is by far the most saw-after gathering by our employees, as we all get to try new recipes and talk about other non-work related topics.

What are your thoughts on these ways to celebrate and appreciate? If you are a business owner, what are a few ways you express employee appreciation? If you are an employee, what are a few ways you have felt appreciated by your manager? If you are a client, what are some ways you appreciate your service providers? Is there something that you think missed the list? Share your thoughts below.