Many clients feel what goes into the cost of house cleaning services is very murky. They hear a number and wonder if the house cleaning service just pulled it out of thin air. A honest company will analyze a set of factors to come up with consistent and predictable service costs.


What Goes Into the Cost of House Cleaning


Here is what goes into the cost of house cleaning:


The Size of Your Home

The answer to why clients need an individualized quote and we can’t just provide a set price is that every home is different. There is no standard home shape or size, which means there is no standard cost. Naturally, the bigger your house, the longer the cleaning will take, and the more the cleaning will cost.


Your Cleaning Priorities

Of course, the specifics of what you actually want cleaned will affect things, too. If you wanted only the bathrooms and kitchen cleaned, it would cost less than having the entire house done. If you want optional services performed, there might be an additional charge. The cost of the cleaning will be further determined by the specific way in which you customize your service.


The Complexity of the Job

There are even more things that affect the length of a job. The most common of these is clutter. Maid services can clear the clutter for you in addition to cleaning the surfaces underneath, but that adds time and cost. Another example might be a room with an above-average number of things that aren’t clutter that have to be moved and cleaned under.


Your Schedule

A good maid service will work with your schedule to deliver the services you want when you want them. Maids by Trade even offers Same Day Service at a slightly higher cost.


Cost of House Cleaning, Demystified

Choosing a maid service is an investment. It pays to pick the right one the first time. Maids by Trade is a Portland-born company and has been cleaning homes in the area for over 20 years. We offer free in-home estimates to avoid questions or surprises later. Take the first step toward getting your home sparkling clean and make an appointment today. Learn more about the Benefits of Hiring a House Cleaning Service.