Orange peels surround and protect one of our favorite juicy citrus fruits. We typically peel them away and enjoy the juicy goodness, flavor, and boost in vitamin C—then discard the peels as though they were nothing more than trash. Squeezed for juice, oranges make up the highest percentage of fruits used for juice around the world. Most oranges grown in the U.S. come from Florida and California.

Sadly, most people dispose of their peels after enjoying the sweet citrus fruit. Are you unwittingly guilty of do this? Did you know these peels are perfect for several housecleaning jobs we perform on a regular basis? Check out the following ideas for which they are really quite useful.


How to Clean Using Orange Peels


Orange Peels Clean Metal

Yes, you read that correctly. They clean–and shine—metal surfaces. You needn’t purchase expensive and potentially dangerous chemical cleaning solutions for shining your faucets and kitchen fixtures. You likely already have what you need in your fruit bowl or refrigerator.

Orange peels contain D-limonene—a product which is sold in some stores as citrus oil. Save your money and use something you’d once deemed garbage instead. Simply rubbing the peels over greasy, smudged, or streaked metals will leave them sparkling clean.

Use them on your showerhead and notice the fresh scent during the first few showers after cleaning. If your showerhead was a bit clogged, the orange peels will help break down any soap scum that was clogging the openings.




Clean and Brighten Wood

Orange peels are perfect for cleaning and brightening the wood inside your home. From wooden furniture to woodwork, simply rubbing the white side of the peels over the wood will clean and brighten it. The oil in the peels will also help condition the wood.


Deodorize Your Oven

Orange peels do wonders for leftover unpleasant smells emanating from your oven. If you’ve baked or broiled fish, or burned something that left a nasty odor, orange peels will tend to this housecleaning task as well.

Simply preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place a baking sheet or pan of orange peels inside the oven and bake for between fifteen and twenty minutes. The peels don’t simply mask the odor, they eliminate it completely, once again leaving your entire kitchen with a very pleasant scent.

Did you know that the soothing scent from these peels acts as an all-natural anti-depressant? Breathing in this lovely scent will calm you as you perform your housecleaning chores.


For Pest Control

Unfortunately, our cleaning tasks sometimes include pest control. Eliminate ants, flies, fire ants, cockroaches, and more with orange peels. You may do this both inside and outside of your home.

Place bowls of these peels in the area that is bothered by pesky pests, and watch them soon disappear. Most insects detest the orange oil found in the peels. For problems in larger areas, keep bowls of peels in the corners of your home. Switch them out each time you or your family peels a few more oranges.


Clean Your Garbage Disposal

No matter how often you run it, every now and then your garbage disposal gives off a very unpleasant odor. Don’t waste your money on garbage disposal cleaner (this product usually comes as small balls you drop inside the garbage disposal). Use orange peels instead.

Simply grinding up your discarded peels in the garbage disposal provides a twofold benefit. First of all, it cleans the metal blades that grind up your garbage. Secondly, they leave your sink and kitchen with a pleasant citrus smell.

Don’t you love saving money on housecleaning chores? Why throw away perfectly useful things when we can clean and freshen our homes with them?

Nearly everyone loves the calming scent of citrus. Trying out one or all of these housecleaning tips will clean your home and leave it smelling wonderfully fresh. So don’t throw out your orange peels the next time you squeeze or eat this brightly colored fruit. Save them.