The gear you bring to the Great Outdoors is definitely going to get dirty. Your tent especially will look worse for wear after a weekend camping trip. Your tent should be cleaned after each trip to prolong its life and so that you have a semi-nice place to sleep the next time you go camping. Use our step-by-step directions to get a clean tent.


How to Clean a Tent


Step One

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and set up the tent outside. Setting the tent up ensures the entire tent will get cleaned.

Step Two

Use your garden hose to rinse off the dirt and gunk on the tent. If you don’t have access to a hose, use a wet cloth and wipe down the surface. Don’t neglect to rinse the inside of the tent, too!


Step Three

Fill a container with warm soapy water and grab a sponge or clean cloth. Use these tools to wash the outside and inside of the tent. Wipe down the zippers, walls, and floor of the tent.


Step Four

Rinse the inside and outside of the tent again with either the hose or by wiping it down like before. Make sure you get all the soap off the tent. Let the tent air dry completely before packing it up and storing it a safe place, since mold and mildew tend to develop otherwise.



  • Never put a tent in the washing machine. Washing machines can overstretch the tent, pull it apart at the seams, remove the waterproof coating, or even melt the tent.
  • Never pack up a tent that is still wet! Mold and mildew love warm, dark, and damp places, and a wet tent in storage fits that description perfectly. If mold grows on your tent, it could stain the tent, create a strong odor, and pose a health hazard. If the mold growth is bad enough, you might have to throw away your tent. Always make sure a tent is dry before putting it in storage.


Have a Clean Tent for Better Camping

Just because you’re sleeping outdoors doesn’t mean you have to give up every comfort. Give yourself a good night’s sleep in a comfortable place by having a clean tent.