With gadgets ubiquitous in our lives, a general all-encompassing guide to cleaning them would be helpful. That’s why we have compiled these simple and fast tips for how to clean gadgets and electronics.


How to Clean Gadgets


Caution with Liquid

If you are cleaning screens with a spray, make sure you spray the screen from a distance. Spray far enough away that liquid won’t run down the screen. If you spray too close and liquid does run, it will settle at the bottom of the screen, make its way into that crease, and ruin your screen.


Use a Soft Touch

Don’t press hard when cleaning any of your gadget screens. They are delicate and pressing too hard can cause pixel burnout. Many gadgets come with a cleaning cloth. Keep this cloth handy and use it for your cleanings.


What to Clean With?

If you don’t hang on to that cloth your gadget came with, what should you use? Well, don’t use paper towels or tissues to clean gadgets. These could ruin the screen by scratching it. Use coffee filters instead. They’re great for cleaning LCD screens.

What about cleaning solution? You can clean your gadgets with a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water added to a spray bottle. Don’t spray your device or computer like a mad man. A little goes a long way; one spray is probably all you need.


Read the Instructions

Always check the manufacturer’s warnings and instructions before cleaning any device. Some electronics can’t handle what others can. Read instructions thoroughly and pay attention to caution notes that may be written. Warnings are there for a reason. Read them carefully to ensure you don’t ruin your electronics.


Having Clean Gadgets is Easy

Maybe designing these gadgets is difficult, but cleaning them certainly isn’t. Use our tips and common sense to clean your electronics, prevent the spread of germs, and make sure your digital accessories stay looking good.