How to Clean Decorative WreathsDecorative wreaths make holidays and special occasions even better.  Each year around every holiday, people get all of their decorations down from the attic.  It is always such a chore.  It makes such a mess that you can spend the next two days doing nothing but home cleaning!

Decorative wreaths aren’t just for Thanksgiving and Christmas anymore.  Wreaths are a popular trend and can be found to celebrate anything from sports teams to every holiday imaginable.  You can find decorative wreaths hanging around the house year round.  Because of that, we need to know how to clean them.  No longer can we get away with just putting them up for another year!

Decorative wreaths, just like any other household decoration, need to be cleaned periodically.  Dusting wreaths should just become part of our regular home cleaning routine.  Not only will it keep the appearance of our expensive home decor, but it will also extend the life of the wreath.

Incorporate cleaning your decorative wreath into a regular routine. The easiest way to stay on top of dusting the wreath is to dust it when dusting furniture. Okay it may not be as simple as dusting furniture, but it isn’t a difficult task.

Supplies for Cleaning Decorative Wreaths

  • Blow Dryer
  • Feather Duster
  • Brown paper bag
  • Salt
  • Furniture Spray
  • Vacuum

How to Clean Decorative Wreaths with a blow dryer

How to Clean your Decorative Wreath

Grab your blow dryer and place it on a cool setting blowing at low to medium speed.  Hold the dryer about 10-12 inches away from your decorative wreath.  The goal is to gently blow the dust off without damaging any of the decorations.  You want to avoid using any physical dusting except maybe with a feather duster.  Only use a feather duster if the wreath can withstand it.  Many decorative wreaths are fragile and delicate.

Want another super easy and effective home cleaning tip for your wreath?  Grab a large brown paper bag and put a quarter of a cup of salt into it.  Put your wreath carefully into the paper bag and gently shake.  The salt will clean off all of the dust that got stuck to the foliage or pine cones.

If your wreath is made solely from twigs, your cleaning task will be much easier.  Twigs are more durable and can withstand a vacuum dusting method.  Use the handheld attachment and gently vacuum your wreath.  Spray the wreath lightly with a furniture spray or wax before rehanging.  This spray will protect from dust buildup.

Decorative wreaths are beautiful decor but can be such dust catchers.  Perform this cleaning every other week, and your wreath will last for years!