A china cabinet is a way to bring attention to your beautiful plates or keepsakes, make them look even more impressive, and protect them. But what’s there to protect your china cabinet? Nothing, which means that it will get dusty and look duller over time. Use our guide on how to clean a china cabinet and have your whole display sparkling.


How to Clean a China Cabinet


Remove the Items

Before you can clean your china cabinet, remove everything inside. You don’t want anything to get damaged. This is the perfect time to clean these items, check for damaged pieces, and eliminate those you no longer want or need.


Dust the Cabinet

After you’ve removed everything, you’re ready to dust. Use a dry microfiber cloth or a duster. Go over all the shelves, get in the corners, and wipe the outside of the china cabinet as well.

Pro tip: dusting with the grain of the wood will help the wood retain its distinctive patterns over time.

How to Clean a China Cabinet. A cleaning tip from Maids by Trade


How to Clean the Glass

Many china cabinets (but not all) will have glass panes in their doors. To clean, use any glass cleaner. A natural option is to use a solution of vinegar and water. Spray the cleaner on whatever you’re using to clean, whether it’s a rag, paper towel, newspaper, or something else. If you spray the cleaner directly on the glass, it has a greater chance of leaking into the frame around the glass.


How to Clean the Wood

We always recommend knowing what your wood is finished with before you clean it. If you are not sure what your wood is finished with or how to clean it, start with the gentlest cleaning method and test cleaning agents in an inconspicuous spot on the cabinet before using. Dry dusting is acceptable for any wood. We discuss the cleaning methods for specific finishes on our How to Clean Wood Cleaning Tip.



After the cabinet is clean, it’s time to replace all the items. Take this opportunity to consider the display of your china and if it could be improved!


It’s Easy to Clean a China Cabinet!

Once it’s been cleaned, your china cabinet itself will be worthy of display. This chore takes very little effort, but you’ll reap a huge reward in greatly improving the cleanliness and beauty of your home.

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