We don’t think of cleaning our cell phones like we would our hands. Why would we? Well, for starters think of every time you’ve touched your cell phone today without washing your hands first. Gross, right? The constant use of our electronics can leave them lingering in a swamp of bacteria. Wipe those germs away with these cell phone cleaning tips.


How to Clean a Cell Phone


The Dirt on Cell Phones

So why is it that cell phones can harbor tens of thousands of germs? (Yes, tens of thousands or even millions of germs, some of them dangerous like E. coli and staph bacteria.) Well, it’s not just because they’re constantly being handled. It’s also because they’re warm. Germs love warmth, and between the heat the phone itself generates and hanging out in a warm pocket, a phone is pretty much always toasty enough for germ growth.

To clean your phone, just use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface of the cell phone. Always be sure to keep your phone to yourself! Sharing exposes it to more germs.


How to Clean a Cell Phone - Maids by Trade


Camera Lens

Don’t over-clean your camera. Use a microfiber cloth or another cloth meant for use on lenses and gently clean the lens. You can use 2-3 drops of lens cleaning solution as well.


Be Careful When Cleaning

Be sure that no liquid gets behind the battery. Any kind of liquid by the battery will damage the cell phone and impair the phone’s functioning. If using a cloth to wipe down your cell phone, always remember to squeeze out any extra water until the cloth is just barely damp.


What Not to Use

Do not use any harsh cleaners while cleaning cell phones. Some examples would be disinfecting wipes, ammonia, or window cleaners. These products are too harsh and can damage the phone.


Now You Have a Clean Cell Phone!

Now you know the right way to keep your phone clean and germ-free. Remember to be careful; water and liquids can permanently damage electronics. A damp rag won’t hurt when cleaning cell phones, but too much water sitting on a cell phone will damage the screen and the phone’s performance.