Choosing a Cleaning Service


Choosing a cleaning service requires a series of decisions. For example, how often do you want service? What tasks do you want performed during a cleaning? Which rooms should be cleaned? Once you know what you need, you can narrow down candidates, as some companies only offer limited services. Here are a few more things to consider when choosing a cleaning service:

  • Ask what kind of chemicals the service uses during its cleaning process. If you have children, pets, or allergies, knowing what’s in the cleaners is essential. If the company refuses to tell you or if it uses cleaning agents with toxic ingredients, choose another service for your needs.
  • Hire a company that employs rather than subcontracts. In most cases, a company that subcontracts keeps up to 70% of what you pay for the service.
  • Eliminate any companies that are not bonded and insured. Should any accidents happen during cleaning or any theft occur while the service is there, the responsibility will be yours as the homeowner.
  • Do your homework. Ask the company if they do background checks. If they don’t, you need to choose another company.
  • Ask your potential candidates to provide you with a free estimate. This usually involves having a representative come to your home to review the work to be done and giving you their price for the cleaning work. You both should be aware of what is expected before the job begins.
  • Choose a company that can offer a flat fee as well as a per-hour charge. For a first cleaning, makes sense to do an hourly job as it will take longer to finish. For ongoing service, it makes sense to get a flat fee so that you don’t have to worry about sudden changes in cost.
  • Avoid letting the “cheapest price” be your determining factor. Remember, you get what you pay for, if a service is significantly less expensive than others, there may be a reason why.
  • Always choose a cleaning service that provides a guarantee of satisfaction. Services that take pride in their offerings will make sure you are happy and will insure that any issues you have are reviewed and taken care of promptly.

No one said that choosing a cleaning service was easy; so once you’ve found a company you like, you may want to stay with them for a long time. Read about How to Establish a Long-Lasting Service Relationship with Your Cleaners.