It’s pretty common these days to see a maid service’s branded cleaning vehicle driving residential streets. These cars are immediately recognizable: bright colors, big phone number. If you’ve been considering hiring cleaning service yourself, here are four great reasons to consider the company with the branded cleaning car.


Why You Can Trust the Branded House Cleaning Car


1. Your neighbors are customers

You’ll know which homes in your neighborhood use the service because the car will be parked in their driveway like a beacon. Approach these neighbors and ask if they love the service they’re getting. Online reviews are helpful, too, but it’s always better to talk to someone in person. When your neighbors are the customers, you can! Maybe they’ll even invite you in and you can see for yourself the results of that company’s handiwork.


2. They’re a robust business

If a company has the means to not only purchase a fleet of vehicles, but to deck them out in the company’s colors, they’re clearly doing something right. A healthy business can only come from satisfied customers. Branded vehicles indicate several things:

  • This company invests in quality equipment and resources. From cars to vacuums to employee training, this company gets the best to serve their customers with the best.
  • There will be no stinginess when it comes to fixing mistakes and making sure everything is right with customers’ experiences.
  • This company has a lot of experience making customers happy; no one buys a bunch of cars overnight!

Hiring a company with branded vehicles means you’ll be in good hands.


3. They are proud of their work

A company that advertises every move it makes right on the side of its vehicles wants the world to see its work! They are publicly announcing their brand because they are confident their service is the best.


The Company Behind the Cleaning Car is Maids by Trade

Odds are, the car you’ve seen in your neighborhood belongs to Maids by Trade! For almost twenty years, we’ve served our community with top-rated service. Contact us or give us a call to get our branded cleaning car showing up in your driveway! Read more about Residential Cleaning Benefits.