The Children’s Cancer Association

The Children's Cancer AssociationMaids by Trade, in efforts to contribute and give to the community, has supported The Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) in its campaign to raise awareness about the association’s purpose. In February 2015 the CCA hosted a live fundraiser on Fox 12 Oregon in the Good Day Oregon show.

The organization raised nearly $1 Million dollars during the two-day telethon. Maids by Trade’s founder, Fortino Barajas presented a large check on air to the organization’s representative. Such contribution from a local house cleaning company sheds light on the need for local service providers and other companies to contribute and give back for good causes.

Now more than ever there is a need among our community and nonprofit organizations for support, whether it is for cancer treatment, diabetes, lung disease or any other health condition. A gesture of giving back is not just limited to health related issues, sometimes as simple as providing sponsorships for our youth or any other activities to help people stay active and healthier.

Maids by Trade with its long-term commitment with our community continuously supports causes for the benefit of our fellow citizens. Since our very beginnings, Maids by Trade has made a clear statement on helping others.

In addition to presenting a large check as a donation to the organization, Maids by Trade sponsored the Cowbell Ring, which consisted of ringing the bell every time a caller donated $1500 dollars or more, followed by a 5 second promo displaying Maids by Trade’s branded cowbells.

We are honored to be part of events like the Children’s Cancer Association because it gives us a chance to give back and enable us to contribute to a good cause. Join our efforts, donate, volunteer or just be part of something for the better of our communities.

I, Fortino Barajas, on behalf the Portland house cleaning company Maids by Trade, family, and friends, invite you to join our efforts, donate, volunteer, or just be part of something for the better of our communities.