August is Back to School Month!  It is simple to see why August was chosen to celebrate Back to School.  This is the month that children all over the country wrap up their summer vacation and head to school.


Back to School Month as Summer Ends


Back to School Safety

As summer winds down and as all of the children prepare to go back to school, we need to turn our attention to safety.  As every commuter knows, traffic more than doubles when children go back.  There are more vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists on the road when school is in session.  Whether your children walk, ride their bike, take the bus, or ride or drive a vehicle, it is extremely important to travel safely.  Even for the commuters who do not have children in school, you will also need to be on the watch for school aged children and take extra precautions.

There will be new teen drivers on the road.  There will be children old enough to walk on their own for the first time.  These new travelers hopefully will also be travelling safely, but the experienced commuters need to keep an extra close eye for these young children.  Remember to never text or talk while driving.  Be mindful of areas and roads near schools, even if they aren’t marked as a school zone.  Travel slow and watch for excited children that may accidentally dart out in traffic.  Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination as we make the transition from summer and the children go back to school.

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Healthy Food Choices

Back to School month is also a time to reflect on healthy food choices.  Many children will take their lunches to school each day, and others will choose to buy their lunches at the school cafeteria.  Both options can be healthy if children and parents are educated and make good choices.  If you pack your child’s lunch, ensure that their meal is a balanced meal with lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and lean protein.  If your child buys their lunch, make sure they are educated on what makes a healthy meal.  Teach them to buy meals that are served with fruits and veggies instead of fats and high carbohydrates.


Back to School Month as Summer Ends pack a healthy lunch



Often the time leading up to going back to school is a stressful one.  The children and parents are used to summer time routines which likely include a little sleeping in, lazy afternoons, and no homework!  The best way to prepare to go back to school is to start the school time routine before going back.  Here are a few tips to make the transition easy for everyone involved.

Set your alarms and wake up at the time you’ll need to make it to school on time.  Start waking up earlier and earlier until you reach the time you’ll need to get up during the school year.  If you begin this process several weeks in advance, you are less likely to have grumpy children who don’t want to go back to school during the first days and weeks of school.

Do several trial runs, especially if something is changing this school year.  Do you have children going to a new school?  Are you starting a new routine?  Did the bus stop change?  All of these are things to think about and try in advance.  With a trial run, you will know exactly how much time you need to make it to the school or the bus stop.  You’ll know how much time the kids need to get ready in the morning.  It will make your lives easier! Read Tips & Tricks for Quick Family Meal Planning.


Now for the House

If the summer has left you with a crazy messy house, get that house cleaning over with a few weeks before the kids head back to school.  Enlist the kids help with the house cleaning and start routine chores that can carry over into the school year.  Another option is to leave your house cleaning to the professionals.  Hiring a maid service will give you one less thing to worry about while making the transition.

Buy all of the supplies your kids will need well in advance.  Chances are that if you wait too long, the supplies will run out and your child will be left without the essentials they need when they go back to school.

Make use of your Back to School Month and get prepared for the school year.  Everyone in the house will appreciate it!