Have you ever found yourself saying “Time Flies” or “Where did the day go?”  I think we all have.  We watch our children grow up in the blink of an eye.  The truth is that life is fleeting.  We only get a short amount of time on this beautiful planet, and we need to remember that each day so that we can make the most of it!  July 31 is Always Live Better than Yesterday Day and is the perfect opportunity to reflect and improve our lives!


Always Live Better Than Yesterday Day


Celebrate Always Live Better

Life is all about growth.  We grow older each passing day.  Our relationships grow.  We make progress in our careers and in our goals and dreams.  Each passing day we need to live better than the day before.  There are so many ways we can do that. This is the day to make a plan.

Each day we should grow, improve, and learn from our experiences.  We won’t always get it right, but having this goal will help you make continuous progress and growth and most importantly live life to the fullest!

“Live Better than Yesterday” can really be a measuring stick for every single thing in our life. And here are a few thoughtful questions we can ask ourselves from time to time:

  • Am I doing things better today than I did yesterday?
  • Am I further along this year than I was last year?
  • Am I moving in the right direction?

On this day commit to living life and improving yourself some each day.  Don’t set your bar too low and don’t settle. Remind yourself today that every detail of life is supposed to continually improve and get better. Of course there will be some bad days, but having a positive outlook on life is important for getting through those bad days.


How to Improve

Everyone can choose to live better today than yesterday.  It can be something small.  You can choose to do a little home cleaning today.  If your home is cleaner today than it was yesterday, you are living better!  A big benefit of home cleaning is that having a clean home is known to brighten your mood.  Everyone loves to come home to a clean house.  So that is another benefit to home cleaning and another way to improve your life!


Always Live Better Than Yesterday Day by cleaning your home


You may choose something bigger than home cleaning as well.  Perhaps you have hated your job or are looking to make a change.  What an amazing way to live better today!  Make a change today to improve your life.  Take that leap of faith and apply to a new job.  You just never know unless you try. Maybe you have wanted to reconnect with a family member or friend for some time.  Family and friends are what make living on this Earth worthwhile.  Live better today by reaching out to that long lost person.  Make plans to visit or enjoy a long afternoon on the phone catching up.


Take Control

However you choose to celebrate Live Better Than Yesterday Day, follow these simple guidelines for guaranteed success.

Take control of your life!  Spend some time and clearly outline your goals and vision for your life.  Where do you want to be in five years?  What do you want to accomplish in your life?  You get to decide.

Commit to Live Better!  Make a commitment to yourself to be happy and live better each day.  Remind yourself with a note on the mirror or on your phone. Allow No Excuses!  Today is the day!  Live better right now!  Take excuses out of your life. Don’t let anyone or anything derail you.

There is a reason that we celebrate July 31 as Live Better than Yesterday Day.  It is a yearly reminder to improve your life!  Each year on this day you should be able to reflect on the previous year and be able to say that you have lived better each day.  If you can’t say that, it is time to make a change!