There are lots of reasons to love winter, like hot chocolate, comfort food, and spending time with family. However, there are also lots of reasons not to love winter, not the least of which is inclement weather and its effect on our health and homes. Prepare for the cold (and the rain) with these winter preparation tips.


Winter Preparation: 4 Cleaning Tips


Your Gutters

There are several ways gutters can go wrong. It starts with your gutters being clogged with leaves and debris. This could cause two serious problems:

  • Water can’t flow away and instead remains in the gutter. If the water freezes, it will turn to ice and expand, possibly forcing its way inside your home. This could lead to very big problems later on.
  • Clogged gutters are also heavy. Heavy gutters can pull away from the side of the house, damaging the exterior of your home or even falling on someone.


Your Basement

Basements are the Achilles heel of many homes. Since winter shifts many normal weather patterns, you should definitely monitor your basement area carefully to make sure there are no changes throughout the season, such as the introduction of moisture or mold.  If there is mold, kill it immediately and address the moisture causing it. You may need to reseal a crack or use a dehumidifier.

Note: a dehumidifier will not doing any good if your basement gets extremely cold. Very low temperatures will cause the moisture on the dehumidifier’s coils to frost over, making the dehumidifier effectively useless. Always consider safety when doing winter preparation.


Outdoor Furniture

Make sure all your outdoor belongings are properly stored or covered. This includes pools, hot tubs, patio sets, hammocks, and other furnishings. Making sure they are adequately covered ensures protects these items from sun exposure, water damage, and more.


Keep the Outdoors Out

If you don’t have them already, get a hallway mat and shoe tray. These guys will prevent water and mud from getting tracked into your house and mucking up your belongings.


Winter Preparation

It’s a rough season, but being prepared makes it that much easier to get through. Use these tips now before the cold and the rain really set it. Use our Home Winterization Checklist (includes a tool).