Tilikum Crossing Portland OregonAs a Portland born company, Maids by Trade is magnificently thrilled, along with other Portlanders, to see the Rose City add another petal to its collection. The project spanning the Willamette River had various options for names and TriMet’s final decision was Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People.

TriMet, Portland’s provider of public transportation services, noted that Tilikum Crossing was up against three other possibilities. The bridge over the Willamette River also had the chance of being named the Wy’east Transit Bridge, Abigail Scott Duniway Bridge or Cascadia Crossing Transit Bridge.

The word “tilikum” comes from the Chinook Wawa language, a word that roughly translates to “relatives, people and/or tribe.” Over time “tilikum” came to mean “friendly people” or “friends” and was a natural selection for the naming committee.

There’s more to love about the bridge than just its beautiful name. Upon its opening, the Tilikum Crossing will be the only multi-modal bridge in the U.S. to allow access for just about everything except for cars. That’s right, no private cars are allowed to use the bridge. Whether future cities will take after Portland remains to be seen. While Portland has nothing against cars, it is clear to see how Tilikum Crossing will be promoting choices towards public transportation, exercise habits, and greener living.

Tilikum Crossing — a delight

At nighttime Tilikum Crossing standing at 180 ft. in height and 1700 ft. in length will collect data that will transmit a full spectrum of colors that will change based on the height, speed and temperature of the Willamette River.

At Maids by Trade, the new bridge has already built up a significant amount of interest for our team members who take public transportation. The full opening of Tilikum Crossing will commence in September, 2015. Once Portland experiences the opening of Tilikum Crossing, there might be new cultural events that crop up around the bridge. Perhaps it will become the new Portland hub for food vendors, street performers, romantic couples, or other events.

Tilikum Crossing will have its grand opening on September 12th, 2015. Until then, spectators can enjoy watching the final touches going on to get it ready for the grand opening day of the new MAX Orange Line.

Maids by Trade congratulates Portlanders for this new outstanding structure!